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Don't forget your kids' relationships with family after divorce

For many children of divorcing parents, one source of anxiety and unhappiness may be that they won't be able to see extended family members as often as they are used to. That includes not just grandparents, but uncles, aunts and cousins.

If your and your co-parent's siblings and their families live halfway across the country and your kids barely know them, there won't be much change. However, many kids have cousins who live nearby and with whom they share a bond. These cousins as well as aunts and uncles with whom they're close can be an important source of support and normalcy after their parents' break-up.

Dealing with divorce questions at holiday events

If you're getting ready to go through your first holiday season since your separation or divorce, you're likely anticipating it with at least a small amount of dread. Going to obligatory holiday parties without your spouse can feel awkward. So can attending family holiday get-togethers.

There will likely be people there who don't know your situation, so there will be uncomfortable questions. Even people who do know can be intrusive and hurtful without realizing it. Maneuvering these situations can be particularly difficult when your emotions are still raw and you haven't yet developed a few good go-to responses to politely but firmly shut down unwanted conversations.

University of Tennessee players benched after marijuana arrest

Marijuana has become legal in some parts of the country in recent years. However, here in Tennessee, it's still illegal to use or possess it. Those charged with marijuana-related violations can face other penalties as well.

Two University of Tennessee football players have learned that the hard way. Linebacker Will Ignont and running back John Kelly were arrested following a traffic stop in October. According to Knoxville Police, when officers stopped the car driven by Kelly, they found what they believed to be marijuana and a pipe during a search of the vehicle.

Tennessee Supreme Court lowers search warrant standards

The one thing you can say for sure about Tennessee’s criminal justice system is that nothing is set in stone. All of our civil rights and protections against police abuses are subject to change by the Legislature and the courts. When faced with a new legal controversy, the judge in a criminal case may have to reinterpret an existing law or rule a law invalid in some way.

That is why, if you are ever charged with a crime, it’s vital that your defense attorney be familiar with the latest changes in the law -- and how those changes affect your case.

Don't let your divorce impact your work

A divorce -- even a relatively amicable one -- can be one of the most stressful events in a person's lifetime. It's difficult to keep it from impacting your work life.

However, you need to leave the emotions and worries about your divorce at the door when you go to work every day. Otherwise, you could jeopardize your job. That's the last thing you need at a time when your financial situation is likely changing and you're starting a new life on your own. That's easier said than done, but here are a few tips.

Study looks at divorce rates by spousal occupation

The family lawyers at our Maryville office represent people throughout Eastern Tennessee in divorce and related matters. We understand the stress of facing the life changes that come with the end of marriage. Our attorneys provide efficient and effective legal services designed to reach your goals for you and your children. You will guide the legal steps we take on your behalf after we educate you about the range of legal options available to you in your situation and discuss the pros and cons of various strategies with your priorities in mind. 

The intersection of divorce and work life 

Truck accident cases and vehicle accident attorneys

In the last month, this Tennessee vehicle accident and personal injury legal blog has offered several posts that have explained why and why not truck accident victims may wish to settle their legal claims against the party or parties that caused their harm. A settlement may resolve a legal matter quickly, but often victims have to release all of their future claims against the defendants they name in order to receive the compensation they agree to settle for. Settlements can serve some victims' interests, while others may do well to litigate their claims.

Since truck accident settlements can help some and may work to the detriment of others, how are victims to know what to do? As they recover from their injuries they may feel pressured to make decisions about their legal rights from the parties whose negligence led to their involvement in dangerous truck accidents. They may be uncertain of whether their claims are strong enough to litigate in civil court.

How common are motorcycle accidents?

Accidents between motorcycles and larger vehicles are not uncommon. In Tennessee and other states throughout the nation, collisions between motorcycles and cars, trucks and vans create pain and suffering for those victims who are affected. This post will examine some key statistics related to American motorcycle accidents that show just how common and deadly they can be.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 88,000 motorcyclists were hurt in vehicle accidents during the 2013 calendar year. Some 4,668 motorcyclists died in vehicle accidents during that same period of time and per mile traveled motorcyclists were 26 times more likely to die in vehicle crashes than individuals in passenger-styled vehicles.

There may be advantages to settling your truck accident case

Last week, this Tennessee vehicle accident and personal injury legal blog offered its readers several reasons why it may not be to their advantage to settle their pending claims after a truck or commercial vehicle collision. This week's post will offer readers several reasons why settlements may be advantageous for those initiating truck accident cases. As wilh all discussions about litigation, though, readers are encouraged to consider discussing their cases with their attorneys to best determine if settlement may be a good option for them.

As mentioned in last week's post, a settlement ends or precludes litigation on a dispute, and generally cuts off a victim's right to pursue further legal action against the parties that caused the harm. From a financial perspective, settlement may be a good choice if a victim is wary of enduring a potentially long and expensive lawsuit. Once negotiated, a settlement is signed and accepted so that it may be enforced and the parties may move forward with their lives.

What disadvantages are there to settling a truck accident claim?

When people become the victims of injury-causing accidents they generally hold the rights to sue the party or parties that caused their harm and pursue compensation from them for the losses they sustained as a result of the incident. In Tennessee, individuals initiate personal injury legal claims for a myriad of reasons, many of which stem from losses incurred from vehicle accidents. This post is going to focus primarily on truck accidents and one way that a defendant in such a case may try to prevent a plaintiff from fully exercising their legal rights to try their case in court.

As the victim of a truck accident, a person may have many possible defendants to include in a pleading. The suit may name the driver of the truck as well as the company or entity that owned the truck. It may also name the company or entity that caused the truck to be on the road and any other individuals or entities that may have contributed to the harm that the victim experienced. Trying a big case such as this can be lengthy and expensive, so in some cases, parties may push to settle the case out of court.

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