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Tennessee Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Accidents between cars and bikes are common and can be deadly

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2015 more than 1,000 American bicyclists died while on their bikes, and more than 450,000 individuals suffered bike-related injuries during that same year. These devastating numbers illustrate the fact that cycling on roads in Tennessee and other states throughout the nation can be dangerous, especially when the drivers of bigger modes of transportation like cars and trucks fail to take notice of the bicyclists with whom they must share the roadways.

Bicycles and their riders can be lost to the vision of drivers of motor vehicles when drivers fail to check their blind spots, don't drive carefully, or make untimely lane changes. A lapse in careful driving, or an act of negligence while operating a motor vehicle can be a deadly occurrence for a bicyclist who is in the wrong place at the wrong time, and can result in life-threatening injuries to the person whose bicycle was struck.

Costner & Greene represent drunk driving accident victims

Booze. Sauce. Liquid courage. There are a variety of names that can be used when one discusses alcohol. Adults throughout Tennessee regularly consume alcohol in a responsible manner and make good choices when it comes to driving after imbibing. However, from time to time individuals fail to recognize their levels of intoxication and decide to drive when their drunkenness will prevent them from safely doing so.

Drunk driving often spikes during holidays like the Fourth of July, when people are more likely to be off from work and have the time to attend celebrations away from their homes that may include alcoholic beverages. Their celebratory attitudes and general good cheer may cloud their judgment about their capacities to safely drive, and may result in them causing serious drunk driving accidents when they operate their motor vehicles.

Tennessee father dies in fatal motorcycle accident

Running late happens when people aren't planning on it. Despite their best intentions, they may discover that they are leaving home after they intended to and that they will not be able to make it to their destinations when they need to, without hurrying or finding ways to speed up their travels. When driving, some motorists speed, disobey traffic signs, and use unsafe driving habits to rush through their commutes so that they are not late, or simply because they are distracted by things other than their driving responsibilities.

Engaging in these careless driving behaviors, though, can be very dangerous and can result in damaging vehicle accidents. Not long ago, a father of three was riding on his motorcycle in Nashville when the driver of a pick-up rolled through a stop sign at an intersection and crashed into him. The victim suffered serious injuries, and after a week in the hospital, died as a result of the trauma he suffered in the motorcycle accident.

Highway collision sends multiple individuals to the hospital

A dangerous situation recently occurred on Interstate 40 in Putnam County. A driver pulled his sport utility vehicle off of the main highway and into the emergency vehicle lane. He exited his automobile on the SUV's passenger side. The reason for his exit from his vehicle is unknown.

While the driver of the SUV was out of his vehicle a truck traveling on I-40 crossed the center line of the highway and collided with the parked SUV. The truck rear-ended the SUV and the impact of the collision caused the driver of the SUV and the driver of the truck to suffer serious injuries.

What to do when accused of fault in a car accident

Lawsuits based on the negligent and reckless acts of others often turn on the facts that existed at the time the accidents occurred. As such, a Tennessee resident who finds themselves embattled in a disagreement with another party over who was at fault for a vehicle collision can easily become frustrated if they cannot convince the other of their errors. In cases such as this car accidents victims can benefit from the support and advocacy of personal injury attorneys who fight for their clients' rights.

Personal injury lawyers can help their clients engage in the legal process of discovery to learn more about what happened during their crashes and what evidence exists to support their claims. There are three types of discovery that individuals usually use during their cases and each can provide opposing parties with needed data and information.

Tennessee truck accident sends two to the hospital

Large commercial vehicles such as semis, tankers and other big rigs often require their drivers to hold special licenses in order to legally operate them. This is because large trucks do not handle in the same manner as smaller personal vehicles. As Tennessee residents may have noticed when on the road with big vehicles, those large automobiles can take longer to stop, longer to turn and require more space to maneuver.

Because of their massive lengths and weights big trucks can pose dangers to other vehicles that must share the roads with them. Recently in the state two individuals were hurt in what authorities believe to have been an accident with a large truck. The incident happened on Interstate 40 and resulted in an adult and a child being sent to regional hospitals with critical injuries.

Drunk driving is a major case of car accident deaths

According to research promulgated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an estimated 28 Americans die in alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents each and every day. That amounts to a drunk driving fatality just about every 53 minutes or more than one drunk driving casualty every hour of every day, each day of the year. Drunk driving is a national problem and contributes to nearly one-third of all motor vehicle accident deaths across the United States.

These staggering statistics are heartbreaking and hit too close to home for many people who live in Tennessee. Those who have suffered the loss of a loved one due to a drunk driving accident know the double pain of saying goodbye to someone they love as well as knowing that the accident that claimed their loved one's life could have been prevented.

We are available after a fatal motor vehicle accident

Personal vehicles have allowed an incredible amount of growth throughout American society. Thanks to the private cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles that Tennessee residents choose to buy and lease individuals are able to travel great distances to hold down jobs, visit their loved ones, take pleasurable trips and engage in other activities once prohibitive by distances.

However, despite the many advantages that personal vehicles have brought to Americans' lives, they have also introduced dangers that can result in catastrophic losses. Vehicles come in many shapes and sizes but hold in common their propensity to be heavy and their capacity to harness power. When driven irresponsibly or without care, personal vehicles can turn into deadly weapons.

Do I need an attorney after my truck accident?

After a collision with a large delivery or commercial truck a victim's first actions should be toward taking care of their injuries and health. Once they have ensured that their medical needs are attended to and that they are on the road to physical recovery they may begin to consider what legal recourse they may have against the party or parties who caused them to suffer harm.

In courts throughout Tennessee and other jurisdictions in the United States victims often choose to pursue and protect their legal rights with the help of personal injury attorneys. Lawyers who practice tort and personal injury law can effectively guide their clients through the procedural and legal conundrums that can occur as cases unfold as they move toward trial.

Accidents with bikes and motorcycles can be tragic

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and, thanks to advances in vehicle safety in many such situations, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering serious harm. However, when vehicles collide with smaller modes of transportation, such as bicycles and motorcycles, it is not uncommon for the riders of the two-wheeled vessels to suffer injuries upon impact.

Bicycles and motorcycles fail to provide their riders with the enclosures that cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles offer their drivers and passengers. Without roll bars, air bags and a host of other safety equipment there is little to stop a bicyclist or motorcyclist from falling from their bike and hitting the pavement with force.

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