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Tennessee Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Accidents with bikes and motorcycles can be tragic

Car accidents happen every day in Tennessee and, thanks to advances in vehicle safety in many such situations, the drivers and passengers of the vehicles are able to walk away from their incidents without suffering serious harm. However, when vehicles collide with smaller modes of transportation, such as bicycles and motorcycles, it is not uncommon for the riders of the two-wheeled vessels to suffer injuries upon impact.

Bicycles and motorcycles fail to provide their riders with the enclosures that cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles offer their drivers and passengers. Without roll bars, air bags and a host of other safety equipment there is little to stop a bicyclist or motorcyclist from falling from their bike and hitting the pavement with force.

Reckless driver causes fatal accident on Interstate 81

A Tennessee man and his adult son are dead after an apparently drunk driver caused a chain reaction accident on Interstate 81. The reckless driver, a 43-year-old woman who has been charged with vehicular homicide and DUI, hit four cars that were stopped on the interstate and caused them to collide with each other. According to Tennessee Highway Patrol two of the involved vehicles caught on fire and a 21-year-old man and his 50-year-old father were killed in the tragic incident.

The father and son were returning home after attending a dirt bike racing event when the fatal accident happened. Relatives of the deceased were reeling from the loss of their loved ones and the preventable nature of the chain reaction crash.

The drunk driver who caused my crash is in jail. Can I sue them?

Drunk driving accidents are horrific examples of incidents that should be preventable through responsible conduct and the absence of avoidable negligence. However, as too many Tennessee victims can attest, drunk drivers cause a number of vehicle accidents each and every year and those accidents can result in victims' injuries and deaths. In many cases a person who causes a drunk driving accident will face a criminal charge based on DUI and, as a result a victim may not be sure if they also may pursue litigation against the drunk driver for their losses as well.

In the United States a victim generally may sue the person who caused their harm even if that negligent or reckless party faced liability for the same conduct in the criminal court system. Criminal cases generally address the harm that the wrongdoer inflicted upon society: as such, many criminal cases are titled "State/County/City vs. Defendant" instead of the name of the injured party against that of the defendant.

We can help you protect your rights after a motorcycle crash

Part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle instead of driving a car is the operator's freedom from the confines of a vehicle's cab. Motorcycle riding allows an operator to enjoy nature and the open road all while getting where they need to go. As the weather begins to improve and the temperatures begin to warm Tennessee motorcyclists may begin taking to the highways in greater numbers.

However, the same benefits that many motorcycle riders experience while on their rides can also become detriments and dangers if they are involved in collisions. The lack of roll bars, airbags and seatbelts on motorcycles makes it possible that their riders will hit the pavement if they are struck by other vehicles. When their motorcycles fall over or when they are thrown from them on impact, riders can suffer broken bones, soft tissue damage and a number of other serious injuries.

Wrongful death claims in the wake of a fatal vehicle accident

Tennessee residents die every year in fatal motor vehicle accidents. Despite improvements in vehicle safety features and significant efforts to educate drivers about the dangers of drinking, texting and other distractions while driving, collisions occur that take the lives of innocent motorists and their passengers. When a loved one dies as a result of a fatal vehicle accident it can be difficult for their surviving friends and relatives to imagine a future without them. However, there are options for individuals who have lost loved ones at the hands of dangerous and negligent drivers.

A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil personal injury claim based on the death of another person. Generally closely related family members may bring wrongful death lawsuits when their loved ones die and closely related relatives can include parents, spouses and children. Before initiating a wrongful death lawsuit readers are asked to contact lawyers in their areas to ensure that they have the right to pursue such claims.

What are my rights as the victim of a pedestrian accident?

A pedestrian accident occurs when a person who is traveling on foot is involved in a crash with a motor vehicle. These accidents often have tragic endings and pedestrians who suffer injuries in such accidents often carry with them trauma and pain long after they have recovered from their ordeals. In Tennessee and throughout the rest of the nation men, women and children from all walks of life become victims of accidents with cars and other vehicles.

When an individual is hurt in a pedestrian accident they have options for pursuing compensation from the party or parties who harmed them. After seeking treatment for their medical needs they may choose to speak with legal professionals about litigation and other ways to compel responsible individuals to provide financial recompense for the victim's accident-related losses.

Liability after a commercial vehicle accident

Although many of the vehicles that are driven on Tennessee roads are operated by the individuals who own them there are a number of vehicles that are driven by workers on behalf of their employers. Some of these vehicles may be obvious to Blount residents, such as large delivery trucks that arrive in their neighborhoods and unload goods to the homes of their friends and neighbors. Others may be more difficult to spot, particularly if they are regular sedans, pick-ups or SUVs that are the company cars of those who drive them.

When a commercial or company vehicle is involved in a vehicle accident there can be questions regarding which party or parties are liable for the damages sustained by the victims. When private parties are involved in a collision then the party exhibiting negligence is generally responsible for paying for the victim's losses. However, when a driver who is operating a vehicle on behalf of their employer is involved in a crash then that driver's employer may be held accountable for the losses.

Police see increase in driving under the influence of drugs

In 2015 more than 250 people were killed by drunk drivers in Tennessee. That same year, more than 23,000 people in Tennessee were arrested for driving under the influence.

It is not only alcohol that drivers may consume before becoming dangerous hazards on roads. In fact, some reports suggest that while drunk driving, or driving while under the influence of alcohol, has declined, driving while under the influence of drugs and illegal substances has actually increased. The Maryville Police Department has said it doesn't keep statistics about non-alcohol intoxicated driving, but officers report seeing more of these cases in recent years.

What are common causes of motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycles are a fun mode of transportation for individuals who enjoy a more unencumbered form of travel then one can experience in a car or truck. Many Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary vehicles while others ride motorcycles as a means of relaxing and having a good time. Despite the pleasure that so many people derive from being motorcyclists, though, many accidents occur every year between motorcycles and the bigger vehicles that they encounter on the road.

When accidents involving motorcycles happen, the motorcycle drivers and passengers are five times more likely to be hurt than individuals who drivers and passengers in other motor vehicle accidents. Additionally, motorcycle riders are more than 25 times more likely to die when they are involved in crashes than individuals who are involved in crashes when in other types of vehicles.

We represent victims of drunk driving accidents

Last week this Tennessee personal injury legal blog discussed some of the very dangerous effects alcohol can have on a driver's body. Even a small amount of alcohol that does not rise to the legal limit of .08 percent of a person's blood alcohol concentration may impact a driver's ability to safely operate his vehicle. When individuals mix alcohol with driving, the consequences can be devastating.

While victims cannot always avoid collisions with drivers who are intoxicated, they do often have legal rights that arise from the losses they sustain. The negligent and reckless conduct of drunk drivers can make them liable for the damages their victims endure as a result of the accidents they cause. Even when a victim dies as a result of a drunk driving accident, their surviving family members may have rights to pursue compensation for the damages inflicted upon them by the loss of their loved one.

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