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November 2012 Archives

Drunk driver causes accident, strikes motorist in hit-and-run

Every year thousands of people find themselves becoming accident victims at the hands of drunk drivers. A drunk driver can wind up causing serious injuries and death. While criminal penalties can punish these intoxicated motorists, retributive punishment does little to help a victim of a drunk driving accident. It is therefore in a car accident victim's best interest to pursue civil action when injured by a drunk driver.

Negligent driver causes fatal multi-car accident in Knoxville

A three-vehicle accident in early November has recently claimed its second victim. A woman from Clinton and a woman from Marlow have died as a result of the car accident, and several others were injured. The crash occurred when one driver crossed the center line and wrecked head-on into an oncoming vehicle. A truck following the struck car slammed on its brakes, but was unable to stop before skidding into the other two vehicles. Police are still investigating the crash and are awaiting blood test results before deciding what charges, if any, to bring against the errant driver.

Head-on collision in West Knox County causes injuries

A routine drive can turn tragic in the blink of an eye. Three car accident victims are probably feeling this way after their vehicle was struck head on in West Knox County. In the early morning, the driver of a pick-up truck veered off the side of the road, over-corrected and flew into the opposite lane of oncoming traffic. Three passengers in the oncoming vehicle were taken to the hospital, as was the driver of the pick-up truck. Police say alcohol and speeding were not involved in the accident. Unfortunately, car accidents like this are all too common.

Fatal car accident involves Sevierville woman

A recent two vehicle accident in Sevierville has left two men injured and one woman dead. The car accident happened when the driver of one vehicle turned left without yielding to the other oncoming vehicle. The two trucks collided, causing one to overturn. The driver of the overturned vehicle was injured while the passenger later died from her injuries. The driver who failed to yield fled the scene, but later turned himself in. He now faces criminal charges.

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