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May 2013 Archives

Fatal accident in Knoxville leaves bicyclist dead

Bicycles are just as valid a form of transportation as are cars, trucks and public transportation. Several people rely on their bikes to reach work, school and family functions. Many others ride them for the mere joy of enjoying nature or getting exercise. Yet, when riding on the road, many bicyclists find themselves in danger of being struck by motor vehicles. Even when a street does not have a bicycle lane, motorists should still share the road and look out for bikers. Sadly, it seems as if one Knoxville motorist did not heed this advice recently.

Tennessee motorists face dangers posed by tired drivers

Everyone has heard of the dangers posed by drunk driving and driving while texting. Yet, there is another type of driving that is just as dangerous but not discussed nearly as much: drowsy driving. According to federal statistics a ten year period spanning from 2000 to 2010 saw more than 11,000 deaths attributable to driving while drowsy. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found four percent of American adults fell asleep behind the wheel in the previous month. When a tired driver causes a car accident the results can be tragic.

Fatal accident occurs when car turns in front of oncoming vehicle

The loss of a loved one, under any circumstances, is an emotionally devastating experience. Yet, the abruptness of a death caused by a car accident can leave surviving family members distraught, stunned and unprepared, especially when the fatal accident was caused by the negligence of another. While many times the deceased is driving in a different vehicle from the negligent driver, this is not always the case, as evidenced by a recent crash in Grainger County.

Motorcyclist deaths rose last year in the U.S.

There is bad news for motorcycle riders. According to a new report released by the Governor's Highway Safety Association, 5,000 motorcyclists were killed throughout the U.S. last year. The number of deaths in 2012 was nine percent higher than the previous year. Officials state the trend in motorcycle deaths is heading the wrong direction, an alarming claim for all riders. The number of deaths is indeed high, yet, one should recognize the tragedy does not stop there. Every year, it is likely thousands more receive serious injuries as the result of a motorcycle accident.

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