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May 2014 Archives

Knoxville truck accident leaves driver in critical condition

Most of Knoxville's residents know the important role trucks play in our economy. They carry massive amounts of good from warehouses to stores, carry personal belongings when individuals move, and help homebuilders obtain their supplies. However, despite the good these trucks do, they still pose a threat to motorists on the road, particularly when a truck driver in inattentive or otherwise negligent behind the wheel. When a driver acts in this fashion, the sheer size of his or her rig can cause catastrophic damage, severe injuries, and even death.

Tennessee police seek to raise awareness of "move over" law

Most, if not all, of Tennessee's motorists have seen vehicles on the side of the road. In many instances, the stranded vehicle's driver and passengers are outside of the vehicle, trying to figure out what is wrong. In other cases, emergency personnel are on the side of the road, helping with accidents and immobilized vehicles and directing traffic. It is important for Tennessee's drivers to know that there is a "move over" law, requiring drivers to move to a far lane or at least significantly slow down if emergency personnel are on the side of the road.

Stranded motorist injured in Knoxville car wreck

Almost everyone has experienced car trouble at one time or another. Whether it's a flat tire, an empty gas tank, or engine trouble, Tennesseans often find themselves stranded on the roadside. As if these situations' annoyance is not enough, they can also be extremely dangerous. Speeding cars can pass mere inches away from an unprotected individual who is working on his or her car and, in some cases, these stranded individuals are struck.

Tennessee recognizes Motorcycle Awareness Month

The month of May is Motorcycle Awareness Month, and Tennessee is ready to put a stop to motorcycle injuries in deaths. Though completely preventing motorcycle crashes is highly unlikely, holding special events may help raise motorcycle awareness, causing motorists to look twice for bikes before changing lanes or turning. Reducing motorcycle unawareness is vital, as last year saw more than 2,800 motorcycle crashes with 135 fatalities resulting from those wrecks. Already this year, Tennessee has had 337 motorcycle accidents with 14 deaths.

Tennessee man killed when SUV turns in front of motorcycle

As the weather continues to warm throughout Tennessee, more and more people will be willing to expose themselves to the elements. This means there will be more bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists on or near the roadways. Other motorists therefore must use extreme caution when driving, ensuring they are aware of these individuals and their lack of protection. Too often, though, Tennessee's drivers fail to notice those who are not in a car or a truck, and cause and accident that results in a tragic end.

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