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Third Consecutive Year Of Lower Fatalities Partly Attributed To New Software

Tennessee motorists can rest a little easier in light of recently released statistics that showed traffic fatalities in the state have fallen for the third consecutive year, according to the Tennessean. The low fatality rate, which is among the lowest the state has seen in decades, has been attributed to increased safety enforcement campaigns on the part of law enforcement agencies. A new software program has also been credited with allowing police to more effectively prevent auto accidents in areas known for high accident rates.

Traffic accidents falling

The statistics released by state authorities are certainly encouraging. There were 961 traffic deaths in 2014, officials say, down from 995 the year previous. Not only was 2014 the third consecutive year that saw traffic fatalities go down, but it was only the fifth time since 1963 that fatalities remained below the 1,000 threshold. Last year was also the second least-deadliest year on Tennessee’s roads and highways since 1963.

Of course, authorities say that while they are happy with the improvements, they also note that 961 deaths is far too many. They promise that in the coming months they will be focusing their efforts on distracted driving, such texting and driving, which they have described as reaching “epidemic” proportions in the state.

Software leads to safer roads

According to Nashville Public Radio, the lower fatality rate has been attributed to two main factors: increased law enforcement and better technology. Tennessee Highway Patrol say 102,000 seat belt citations were handed out last year, about 30,000 more than in 2013. Given that about half of traffic fatalities involved a driver not wearing a seat belt, authorities say the enforcement effort has helped save lives. They also note that DUI arrests increased by 150 percent over a four period ending in 2014.

Tennessee authorities also say a new software system is helping them prevent accidents from happening in the first place. The software analyzes accident data and allows law enforcement agencies to predict where accidents are most likely to occur so they can focus on those dangerous areas. The software can even adjust its predictions to take account of special events that may create unusually dangerous driving conditions.

Auto accidents

Of course, while the above story is good news, stamping out auto accidents entirely is a nearly impossible task. Dangerous driving in particular, such as drunk or distracted driving, will continue to cause devastation for far too many Tennesseans and their families.

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