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Tennessee Car Accidents Preparation Can Prevent Legal Issues

When people think of a traffic accident, they often picture an event filled with severe stress, confusion and trauma. A car accident can throw a normal life into chaos as people find themselves dealing with law enforcement, their insurance company, the auto repair service and even the other driver.

However there are ways that people in Blount County can minimize the impact that a car accident will have and one way is through preparation. While a collision cannot always be avoided, people can be prepared for one by carrying an accident kit, knowing what to say and reviewing their insurance policy.

Making an accident kit

An accident kit is similar to an emergency kit that people often keep in their cars except that it contains items that are helpful in the event of an accident. The kit usually contains the following:

  • Warning triangles or flares.
  • A flashlight for accidents that happen at night.
  • A card with family members listed on it with their individual allergies and health issues.
  • A disposable camera to take pictures of the scene.
  • Paper and pencil for note taking.

Many people also like to include an accident form, which helps them write down important information about how the accident occurred and other facts. The form can be handmade and should contain spaces for the names and information of other drivers and witnesses, the date and time that the accident occurred, weather conditions, the speed the driver was traveling at and so forth.

Giving only requested information

According to CNN, people should never admit that they may have caused the accident. Instead, it is better to simply answer the questions that a law enforcement officer has and leave it up to authorities to determine what happened. This prevents statements from being misinterpreted or taken out of context.

For example, injuries may not surface immediately after an accident occurs, due to the initial shock. Making a statement like “I’m okay” could be used by an insurance company to deny a claim if an injury does appear later on. This creates unnecessary litigation and more hassle on the part of the injured party.

Reviewing the car insurance policy

The contents of people’s car insurance policies can also create unexpected challenges when a collision happens. Edmunds recommends conducting a thorough review of the policy to ensure that there will be no unpleasant surprises. For instance, if a person’s car is damaged to the extent that it not safe to drive, that person is likely going to need their policy to provide a rental car and towing coverage.

People should also pay attention to the statistics in their region and use such information to determine how much liability they should carry or whether they need to double up on their uninsured motorist coverage. It may even help to make a list of what a person’s needs would be in a worst scenario situation.

Above all, another way to avoid legal issues is to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible for sound advice.

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