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4 Defenses for a DUI

Receiving a DUI charge can be a stressful experience. Not only do you have to contend with a possible charge on your record, but you also must deal with the logistics of a license suspension and, possibly, a towed car. However, just because you've received a DUI charge, doesn't mean a judge will automatically find you guilty.

These are four legitimate defenses to a DUI charge:

How do people make money investing in real estate?

When most people are thinking of buying a house, they are trying to find the most suitable place to make a home for themselves and their families. Some families may acquire a vacation home or a timeshare, but few people own more than one property at a time. The exception is the group of property owners focusing on investment.

How do real estate investors make money?

2 words in a will would have prevented a legal battle

A lot of Americans believe that inheritance should be simple. They think a child or other appointed heir should get everything that a person owned when he or she died. Many people live by that principle, never bothering to make estate plans or write a proper legal will. But this is not a good strategy, as inheritance can get complicated without clear instructions.

An attorney is often the key to a proper estate plan, as a legal professional can study the many intricacies of large estates and help writers of wills save on taxes or save for their family with instruments like trusts and payable-upon-death accounts. Attention to detail is key, because anything left to interpretation may be left to a probate court.

Former Nashville resident faces fraud charges

Criminal defense is not only important as a guarantee that anyone accused of a crime will receive a fair hearing. It has meaning beyond a person's own need to avoid prison time, heavy fines or other punitive sentences. It is also a way for people to protect their reputation while the liability or guilt around criminal acts is established or dismissed.

Charges for felonies and misdemeanors may cause damage to defendants before cases are tried or even arraigned. Many employers are wary of workers and managers facing charges and may suspend or dismiss people for that reason. Although it is often illegal to punish people for pending charges, it may still happen, and it may be difficult to recover.

Tennessee clarifies who can officiate a marriage

Marriage is considered a sacred institution by nearly every civilization in the world's history. The United States is no exception, and its courts have occasionally become the venue of social discussions on what marriage is to whom. Tennessee is facing one of those moments as the state makes changes regarding who can officiate a marriage.

As of July 1, the Volunteer State will be cracking down on officiants who were ordained online. Internet-based ministries grew out of a fad in the 1960s in which people were recognized as church officials for the purposes of allowing close friends or relatives to sign marriage certificates.

How do Tennesseeans sue over the loss of pets?

It is often an insult upon injury when someone else's negligence or willful malice causes pain or trauma. This is why many people are reassured that Tennessee law allows them to sue for financial damages to help with recovery. But some do not know that the principle applies beyond humans.

Why would someone sue for wrongful death if the decedent is not human?

Tennessee construction trends suggest attention to the law

When it comes to real estate, most people only care enough about the practice to secure a home for themselves and their families. Some developers and speculators rely on real estate for income, between flipping properties for resale value or renting out strategically located apartments and houses. Both groups need the help of real estate law to protect their purchases.

There is more to real estate law than title transfers and fees for the courthouse. The popularity of mixed-use developments in Nashville and other cities has brought a variety of restrictions and guidelines for large construction projects. Some of these can affect tenants and purchasers with zoning ordinances and other limits.

Why should you consider creating a living will?

There are a lot of details to work out when it is time to consider plans for the end of life. Many people put off this task because it's difficult to think about. One way to approach the issue is to consider one's own preferences when dealing with the end of life. Often, a living will is a key element in an estate plan.

What is a living will?

Tennessee pharmacy investigation may lead to criminal charges

Tennessee, along with many other states in the region, is facing a crisis. While many social and economic problems divide along class or geographic lines, the matter of drug abuse is almost universal. And a pair of pharmacies in north central Tennessee may be providing more than their share of the problem.

Clay County, home to around 8,000 people, dispenses opioid prescriptions at a rate high enough to provide sufficient pain killers to everyone in the county twice. That is more than three time the national average. Only ten other counties in the United States dispense as many opioids. Federal investigators suspect two of the county's five pharmacies are honoring prescription they should not.

Did your home inspector miss something important?

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or have owned several houses in your lifetime, you want the purchase of your new home to be a pleasant experience. Few things are more frustrating than buying a home only to discover it needs extensive work. By collaborating with a qualified home inspector, you likely increase your odds of making a smart investment. 

There are many good reasons to hire a home inspector before purchasing a piece of property. While choosing the right inspector is critical, you probably cannot guarantee the individual finds every problem with your new home. If your inspector misses something important, though, you may have some legal options for protecting your interests.   

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