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March 2012 Archives

Mandatory sensors in all vehicles could curb drunk driving

Proponents are supporting a federal transportation bill that would ask for an additional $24 million in funding over two years to support the research of alcohol-sensing technology in vehicles. This is just one of the many bills that Congress is reviewing. For those that support the legislation, it could mean fewer car accidents on the road caused by drunk drivers.

Accident critically injures state trooper

I think many of us can agree that there are some careers that are dangerous, but being a highway patrol officer has to rank high as one of the most dangerous career choices. Last week a Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer was almost killed as a semi-truck driver slammed into the back of his patrol car as he was on a routine traffic stop.

Car accident over the weekend kills three, injures one

It's easy to take driving and our ability to handle driving situations for granted, but for a 23-year-old man, speed combined with a curvy road, may have led to a fatal accident that killed him and two other passengers in his car.

Mock accident used to teach teens about safe driving

With spring right around the corner, many high schools are preparing for prom night at their high schools. In some Tennessee high schools, they are also preparing for an orchestrated accident scene put on by dozens of emergency and law enforcement personnel to discourage students from drinking and driving.

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