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Nashville drunk driver causes young man's death

As a recent Nashville, Tennessee, car crash shows, no one is immune to or completely safe from drunk drivers and drunk driving accidents. Recently, an alleged drunk driver slammed into a young man, killing him.

The mother of the victim of the drunk driving accident has brought a lawsuit against six different parties, showing the expanse that such claims can take. Amongst the parties being sued are the alleged drunk driver, her parents who had insured the vehicle, a company and its owner who had sponsored the party where the drinking occurred, and Metro Nashville.

Most DUI cases involve suits against the driver and possibly the insurer. In circumstances where alcohol was provided to the DUI driver, dram shop laws often allow the victim to bring a claim against that provider, whether it is an organization, establishment or both.

To be successful on a dram shop claim, a drunk driving accident victim must usually establish that the alcohol provider actually provided alcohol to the DUI driver and show proximate cause between the alcohol provided and the intoxication. However, dram shop laws vary from state to state and should be reviewed before bringing a claim.

When a lawsuit against an alcohol provider and an individual DUI driver is successful, the damages are usually split between those two parties. In the Nashville case, there is potential for damages to be split between multiple parties. This increases the likelihood that full damage awards will be recovered.

These dram shop laws aim to hold alcohol providers accountable for continuing to serve those who are already intoxicated. If these laws did not exist, bar owners would be able to intoxicate drivers without fear of consequences.

When a tragic accident occurs as the result of alcohol, all those responsible should be held responsible. Luckily, the law provides several avenues of recourse to help pain-filled families make their lives a little better.

Source:, "Mother of Hit-And-Run Victim Files Suit," Brent Frazier, April 6, 2012

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