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May 2012 Archives

Tennessee hit and run kills one, injures four

One person is dead, four are injured and one driver is missing after a recent head on collision in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police say that when a vehicle carrying four crossed the center line, the other vehicle swerved in an attempt to avoid it, but failed, resulting in the head-on, fatal car accident. The driver of the errant car took off on foot, and police continue to search for him. Investigator's at the accident scene searched the errant car and found marijuana inside.

TDOT tries to raise awareness of fatal car accidents

As of last week, interstate signs posted by the Tennessee Department of Transportation have displayed that more than 317 people have been killed on Tennessee highways this year. The number continues to rise as fatal car accidents continue to occur in the Knoxville area and throughout Tennessee. The TDOT hopes that displaying the death toll will make drivers more aware of the road's dangers and remind them to take all possible safety precautions.

Car accident in Tennessee kills one, injures three

Tractor trailers seem to dominate our highways and interstates. Their sheer size can be intimidating to the safest car driver, even when the tractor trailer is being carefully driven. While most trucks are safe, their drivers are responsible for providing a much needed service in our economy.

Tennessee deputy runs red light, causes car accident

A Tennessee deputy recently caused a car accident that sent three, including the deputy, to the hospital. The deputy stated that he thought the light was green when he entered an intersection, causing an accident with another car carrying four people. Both the driver of the vehicle that he hit and another witness claim that the deputy ran a red light.

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