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Tennessee deputy runs red light, causes car accident

A Tennessee deputy recently caused a car accident that sent three, including the deputy, to the hospital. The deputy stated that he thought the light was green when he entered an intersection, causing an accident with another car carrying four people. Both the driver of the vehicle that he hit and another witness claim that the deputy ran a red light.

When drivers are inattentive, they become dangerous. A negligent driver may run a stop light or a stop sign, swerve into oncoming traffic or veer off the road and personal injuries often result. Sometimes the accidents tragically end in death. The hospital expenses that accrue because of these accidents can skyrocket. Wages can be lost from time missed at work. Victims might not even be capable of doing the things they loved to do before the accident. Sadly, sometimes funeral costs are necessary. When these expenses threaten to swallow victims and their families, a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim can provide much-needed compensation.

When an injury results from the negligence of an individual driver, a victim may typically recover compensation from that negligent driver. However, a driver's employer may also be on the hook if the driver was driving on-the-job, as may be the case with taxi or limo drivers, delivery drivers or even police or other emergency personnel.

In order to recover from an employer, the victim must prove that the negligent driver caused the injury while within the scope of his employment. This theory ensures that employers take care when hiring and overseeing their employees. Bringing a suit against a driver's employer also increases the likelihood that the victim will obtain the full compensation they need and deserve.

Source:, "Report: 3 injured in crash after deputy ran red light," April 25, 2012

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