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Tennessee hit and run kills one, injures four

One person is dead, four are injured and one driver is missing after a recent head on collision in Knoxville, Tennessee. Police say that when a vehicle carrying four crossed the center line, the other vehicle swerved in an attempt to avoid it, but failed, resulting in the head-on, fatal car accident. The driver of the errant car took off on foot, and police continue to search for him. Investigator's at the accident scene searched the errant car and found marijuana inside.

Car accidents are usually the result of the negligence of another. Sadly, these wrecks often result in wrongful deaths. When a family loses a loved one at the negligent hands of another, they not only face emptiness in their family dynamic, but financial woes can become an overwhelming reality.

A lawsuit against the responsible party can help the victim's family ease this burden by allowing for recovery of medical expenses, funeral expenses and pain and suffering. In order to recover for these costs, a victim's family must prove that the other driver was responsible for the wrongful death by being negligent, reckless or willful. Negligence is the easiest to prove and can be satisfied by a showing of driver inattentiveness, distraction or impairment.

In the Knoxville head-on collision case, the fact that marijuana was found in the car can go a long way in establishing impairment. However, even if it cannot be proven that the driver was under the influence of drugs, the act of crossing the center line itself may establish inattentiveness.

Driving is a dangerous, yet necessary part of life. Most dangers, though, are preventable. For this reason, negligent drivers who place the risk on innocent victims should be held responsible and pay for the damage they have caused.

Source:, "KPD looking for hit and run driver after fatal wreck," Lauren Davis, May 14, 2012

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