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June 2012 Archives

Accident victim sheds light on the dangers of drunk driving

Accidents caused by drinking and driving are an unfortunate occurrence throughout America and Tennessee. The victim of a drunk driving accident can face serious injuries that require long-term care. While many advocacy groups try to increase awareness of the dangers of drunk driving through speeches and letters, words can only do so much. That is why one former teacher is using her horrifying experience in a drunk driving accident to deter others from becoming drunk drivers.

Tennessee driver injured when semi flips vehicle off bridge

Rear-end collisions happen all the time in Tennessee and elsewhere. Often, the vehicles involved are of similar size and speeds are reduced. These accidents, though they can be serious, are typically minor. However, a truck accident involving a tractor-trailer can turn what would normally be a minor fender-bender into a catastrophic wreck that can result in severe injury and death. One of these instances occurred recently in Nashville, and Knoxville residents should be aware of the dangers.

Teenagers still text and drive despite being warned of dangers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a national survey recently that may be startling to eastern Tennessee drivers. When asked, 58 percent of high school seniors and 43 percent of high school juniors confirmed that they had texted or emailed while driving in the past month. This comes at a time when distracted driving amongst teens makes up 16 percent of all teen motor vehicle deaths. The study is startling, and suggests that these distracted driving accidents will only increase.

Tennessee man dies in accident, truck driver fails to stop

Semi-trucks make up a large portion of the interstate and highway traffic in the nation, including in Tennessee. Though these trucks serve an important economic function, the sheer size of these vehicles makes them dangerous to other motorists. When a truck accident occurs, it is likely that a multi-vehicle crash will result.

Tennessee motorcycle accident sheds light on inattentiveness

Motorcycles are common vehicles on the roads of eastern Tennessee, yet many motorists still fail to be cautious around them. An inattentive, distracted, or negligent driver can easily miss a rider and cause a serious accident. This was the exact scenario recently in Johnson City, Tennessee.

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