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July 2012 Archives

DUIs responsible for large number of Tennessee's fatal accidents

When an intoxicated person climbs behind the wheel of a car, everyone on the road is at risk. One of these irresponsible drivers can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries and death. In fact, one-third of fatal accidents in Tennessee so far this year have involved drunk drivers. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is stepping up efforts to prevent drunk driving in an attempt to reduce the number of fatal accidents.

Townsend driver arrested for hitting two bicycle riders

Accidents are dangerous enough when they involve two or more motor vehicles, but accidents involving pedestrians and bicycle riders can be even more devastating. A car's weight and speed compared to that of an individual on a bike is significant. When a negligent driver causes a car accident involving a biker, serious injuries are likely to occur.

Sleepy driver causes wreck, kills three near Knoxville

Several factors can play a part in a car wreck. Weather, car maintenance and road conditions can all affect safety on the roadways. Yet, perhaps the most dangerous amongst these factors is the negligence of another. When a car accident results because of negligence, the loss of a loved one can become a sad reality. A tragic example of this negligence occurred recently near Knoxville, where a fatal car accident left three members of one family dead and another seriously injured.

Preventing drunk driving accidents in Tennessee

When Tennessee residents drive, they expect the roads to be relatively safe. To ensure this safety, many parties must be held accountable. The state is expected to maintain the roadways, auto makers are expected to build safe vehicles and other drivers are expected to be attentive and cautious when behind the wheel.

Tennessee motorcyclist killed on Interstate 40

Thousands of Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation and thousands more ride them for a hobby. Though riding a bike can be efficient and fun, a recent accident in Roane County shows just how vulnerable a rider can be in a motorcycle accident.

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