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DUIs responsible for large number of Tennessee's fatal accidents

When an intoxicated person climbs behind the wheel of a car, everyone on the road is at risk. One of these irresponsible drivers can cause an accident resulting in serious injuries and death. In fact, one-third of fatal accidents in Tennessee so far this year have involved drunk drivers. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is stepping up efforts to prevent drunk driving in an attempt to reduce the number of fatal accidents.

Up to this point, the Tennessee Highway Patrol has made 42 percent more DUI arrests this year than this time last year. Officials say this statistic shows the state's proactive dedication to preventing DUI fatalities. While the number of DUI arrests seems promising, it could paint another, glo omier picture. Instead of the road becoming safer because there are more arrests, it may be that drunk drivers are taking to the road more frequently than we know.

While a DUI arrest before an accident occurs can prevent a wreck, an arrest after the fact does little for victims. Sadly, these victims can face lifelong injuries that require long-term care. Such care can be costly and bury a victim in a mountain of debt. A civil claim for damages can substantially ease or eliminate this burden.

A lawsuit against a drunk driver who causes an injury can help a victim recover compensation for several losses. A victim of these tragedies can receive awards to cover medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. These recoveries ensure that those unjustly injured will receive the best care possible. This way, victims can focus on the struggle of becoming whole again.

Though the Tennessee Highway Patrol is doing everything in their power to prevent DUI accidents, these incidents will continue to occur. Civil action, therefore, is the only line of protection for victims, granting them the financial compensation they deserve and punishing those responsible.

Source:, "Tenn. works to decrease number of deadly crashes," July 18, 2012

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