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Preventing drunk driving accidents in Tennessee

When Tennessee residents drive, they expect the roads to be relatively safe. To ensure this safety, many parties must be held accountable. The state is expected to maintain the roadways, auto makers are expected to build safe vehicles and other drivers are expected to be attentive and cautious when behind the wheel.

As most know, the majority of accidents are caused by negligent drivers. Most of these accidents are preventable, especially if a car accident is caused by a drunk driver. Fortunately, the state of Tennessee is taking another step to prevent drunk driving accidents.

A new bill was signed into law by the governor that recently allowed judges to force blood tests from those arrested for suspicion of drunk driving. The enforcement period ran over the Fourth of July holiday in counties with the highest amount of drunk driving arrests. Laws like this will hopefully deter people from driving under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving prevention is important because a drunk driving accident can cause serious injuries or even death. Victims of these accidents could face years of physical and emotional recovery that can bury them in medical debt. Fortunately, a drunk driver who is responsible for an accident can be held accountable and be forced to pay for the damage they have caused.

Compensation that is awarded through a civil lawsuit against a drunk driver can cover costs associated with medical care, pain and suffering, lost wages and, in the worst cases, funeral costs. Though this compensation may not fully heal the physical and emotional injuries a drunk driving accident causes, it can help move life forward without a mountain of undeserving, crushing debt.

Though the new state law is a step in the right direction, Tennessee residents should know that it will not bring drunk driving to a halt. Fortunately, the law provides protection for those who are victimized by these irresponsible drivers.

Source: WCYB, "Tennessee DUI crackdown," July 3, 2012

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