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Sleepy driver causes wreck, kills three near Knoxville

Several factors can play a part in a car wreck. Weather, car maintenance and road conditions can all affect safety on the roadways. Yet, perhaps the most dangerous amongst these factors is the negligence of another. When a car accident results because of negligence, the loss of a loved one can become a sad reality. A tragic example of this negligence occurred recently near Knoxville, where a fatal car accident left three members of one family dead and another seriously injured.

The family was driving in the early morning hours when a car, driving in the wrong lane, slammed into them. The driver of the car that entered the wrong lane claims he might have fallen asleep. Police continue to investigate the accident.

Fatigued driving is a common and dangerous occurrence. When a fatigued driver negligently causes a wrongful death, a family can be emotionally torn apart. On top of this hurt, families who have lost a loved one can face severe financial burdens. Medical expenses, funeral costs and lost wages all can leave a family buried under a mountain of debt. Fortunately, the law can offer these families relief.

A wrongful death lawsuit can help family members recover financial losses resulting from the negligence of another. Medical costs, funeral expenses and pain and suffering may all be recoverable. Also, a spouse or other family member who relied on the victim's wages can seek to recover those future wages that will never be earned. This compensation will enable grieving families to mourn their loss without having to worry about financial matters.

A lawsuit can also send a message to other drivers that negligence will not be tolerated. Hopefully this threat will lead others to think twice before getting behind the wheel of a car.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, "5 killed in separate E. Tenn. traffic accidents," Associated Press, July 7, 2012

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