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Tennessee motorcyclist killed on Interstate 40

Thousands of Tennessee residents use motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation and thousands more ride them for a hobby. Though riding a bike can be efficient and fun, a recent accident in Roane County shows just how vulnerable a rider can be in a motorcycle accident.

In this instance, a motorcyclist was riding down Interstate 40 when he was rear-ended by a car. The rider was knocked off his bike and pinned under the vehicle that struck him. Though he was wearing a helmet, the motorcyclist was killed. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

Tragic motorcycle incidents like this involving a negligent driver are all too common in Knoxville and other areas of Tennessee. An inattentive driver poses an extreme danger to motorcyclists. A seemingly minor bump to a motorcycle can send it out of control and throw the rider from the bike.

The need for long-term care, permanent disability or death can result. Since victims of these types of accidents can be overwhelmed with medical expenses, it is important that they be compensated for those losses.

Health care and rehabilitation costs can bury accident victims under a mountain of debt. Fortunately, negligent or inattentive drivers can be held responsible for their actions through a personal injury lawsuit. Compensation that is awarded will enable the victim to recover expenses incurred from medical care, physical therapy, lost wages and pain and suffering. Though a victim may still face weeks, months or even years of physical and emotional recovery, at least financial stress can be reduced or eliminated.

Motorcyclists, by the very nature of their bike's design, are at more risk of injury during an accident. Yet, this does not mean that other drivers should not be held responsible when their negligence or inattentiveness injures a rider. Motorcyclists are motorists, too, and should be protected just as much, if not more, than drivers of other vehicles.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, "THP: Motorcyclist dies after I-40 crash in Roane County," June 25, 2012

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