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August 2012 Archives

Motorcycle and pickup collide, killing one

When certain roads pose a danger to motorists, all are at risk. However, the risk is not equal across all drivers. A motorcyclist who drives on a dangerous road is more vulnerable to a serious accident. In the unfortunate incident of a motorcycle crash, these riders face the possibility of head injury, neck injury, broken bones and death. Though a dangerous road may be to blame in some of these instances, it is often the case that an inattentive driver of another vehicle is responsible.

Speeding driver causes fatal Maryville wreck

No matter how carefully Tennessee residents drive, there remains the risk that a major accident can occur. In the blink of an eye a negligent driver can cause a fatal accident and leave families devastated. The police, by enforcing traffic laws, do their best to prevent these tragic car accidents, but their actions often come after the damage has already been done.

Two dead after Tennessee driver veers into oncoming traffic

Vehicular accidents run the gamut when it comes to severity. Some crashes barely cause damage to the vehicles involved, while other accidents leave people severely injured or dead. When a fatal accident occurs, families are devastated. The loss of a loved one can leave individuals emotionally distraught. While one's finances might not be the first thing a family thinks of when losing a loved one due to the negligence of another, the financial repercussions of such a car accident can be overwhelming. One Clarkrange family may be feeling these effects now.

Tennessee motorcyclist killed after being struck by pickup truck

Riding a motorcycle can be fun and relaxing. Yet, their small size leaves motorcycle riders at a higher risk of being seriously injured in a crash. Because motorcycles do not have the same safety features as cars and other motor vehicles, a motorcycle accident can have tragic consequences. In the blink of an eye, an inattentive driver can fail to yield and strike a motorcycle, causing serious injury or death. One such instance happened recently in Martin, and Knoxville residents should be aware that these accidents can happen anywhere and at any time.

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