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Negligent driver causes injuries in Sevierville crash

A wreck can be a traumatic experience. At the very least, those involved have to deal with vehicle damage and a rush of emotions. Many times, unfortunately, personal injury or death results from a car accident. Knoxville drivers need to be aware of how often these serious accidents occur and what they can do to cover unexpected expenses related to a crash.

A recent wreck in Sevierville shows how a normal drive can turn deadly and injure everyone else. A car was driving within its own lane when a truck in the other lane tried to turn. The vehicles hit head-on. A passenger in the car was killed and the car's driver was injured. The driver of the truck and her passenger were also injured.

Though the seriousness of the injuries resulting from this crash is unclear, medical expenses are sure to be incurred. Car accident victims like those in Sevierville can recover compensation to help cover these costs if the injuries were caused by a reckless driver or a neglige nt driver. To prove that a driver was reckless, a victim must prove that the accused driver was operating the vehicle with willful or wanton disregard for safety. Negligence requires an even lesser showing.

This means that a distracted or inattentive driver who causes a wreck can be held liable for resultant expenses. Victims, therefore, can recover compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. In addition to helping with physical recovery, individuals may be able to obtain an award to cover damage to their vehicles.

In the sad event of a death, victims' families can obtain funeral costs in addition to the above mentioned expenses.

Recovering from a car accident can be a grueling, expensive experience. Physical therapy, surgeries and long-term medication may be needed. It is not fair for undeserving victims to cover these expenses themselves. Fortunately, the law gives these individuals a route to reduce or eliminate their financial burden.

Source: The Mountain Press, "One dead, three injured after Friday wreck," Rachel Osborn, Aug. 26, 2012

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