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Drunk driver causes accident, strikes motorist in hit-and-run

Every year thousands of people find themselves becoming accident victims at the hands of drunk drivers. A drunk driver can wind up causing serious injuries and death. While criminal penalties can punish these intoxicated motorists, retributive punishment does little to help a victim of a drunk driving accident. It is therefore in a car accident victim's best interest to pursue civil action when injured by a drunk driver.

A recent accident highlights how dangerous drunk drivers can be and why civil suits are needed. In this incident, a man was rear-ended by an intoxicated driver. The man got out of his vehicle to confront the driver, but the drunk motorist rammed his car again and then struck him with her vehicle. She then left the scene. The police later found the driver stumbling around in her apartment complex's parking lot. She was arrested and charged with DUI and assault.

The charges levied against the woman will certainly penalize her in a criminal sense, but they will do nothing to directly help the accident's victim. The victim may suffer pain and suffering and accrue medical expenses that will go unaddressed by the criminal courts. A civil suit, on the other hand, can help the victim obtain the compensation he needs and deserves.

To succeed on a claim against a drunk driver, a victim need only show that the driver responsible for the accident was acting negligent and that the negligence caused the victim's injuries. In the case of a drunk driving accident, these elements are almost certainly satisfied. Then, once compensation is obtained, the victim can receive the best care possible so that he can have a speedy recovery.

Drunk driving accidents pose a serious risk to Tennessee motorists and can happen anywhere at any time. It is important for victims to know that civil suits can help them recover from the wrongs they have suffered, and that reckless motorists can be financially as well as criminally penalized.

Source: News Channel 5, "Woman Charged With DUI, Assault After Hit-And-Run," Nov. 19, 2012

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