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December 2012 Archives

Hit-and-run accident kills moped rider

All motorists owe other drivers a duty of care when they operate a vehicle. This means that they should be attentive and sober. Unfortunately, drivers often fail to maintain this duty, placing others at risk of a car accident. When a negligent driver causes a wreck, severe injuries can occur. In the most tragic crashes, deaths can result. A recent fatality in Chattanooga serves as an example and Knoxville residents should take notice.

Motorcycle crash deaths on the rise in Tennessee

The number of motorcycle-related deaths has skyrocketed this year in Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Department of Transportation, 133 people have died so far this year in motorcycle crashes. Only 114 people died in motorcycle wrecks in all of 2011. The statistic is staggering, highlighting the true dangers of a motorcycle accident.

I-40 drunk driving accident kills one and injures four

When Knoxville residents think of a drunk driver, they might think of an intoxicated driver who drives too fast, crosses center lines and crashes in the late-night hours. In reality, drunk drivers can be on the road at any time during the day and can cause a wide range of crashes. When an alcohol-related car accident occurs, the results can be minor or tragic. Sadly, a recent wreck on I-40 illustrates the severe dangers posed by drivers who are under the influence.

Negligent driver hits and kills motorcyclist in Tennessee

A motorcycle ride can turn tragic in seconds. For instance, an inattentive driver can switch lanes without looking and cause a tragic motorcycle accident. Serious injuries, head injury, neck injury, broken bones, permanent disability and death are all real risks in these types of accidents. A recent crash in Tennessee highlights how dangerous motorcycle unawareness can be, and Knoxville riders should take note.

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