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Inattentive driver causes crash, kills motorcyclist

Many Tennesseans have a passion for motorcycle riding. With nothing between him and the open road, a motorcyclist can feel free from the stresses of the world. Sadly, these joyrides can turn disastrous in the blink of an eye. A failure to yield on the part of an inattentive driver can cause a tragic motorcycle accident that can leave the accident victim with serious injuries. A recent crash serves as an example of how dangerous negligent drivers can be to motorcyclists.

In that wreck, the driver of a car turned left onto a road, but failed to yield to two motorcyclists driving towards him in the other lane. The vehicle struck one of the motorcycles, killing its rider. The driver suffered minor injuries and the accident is still under investigation.

Many motorcycle accidents end with serious injuries being inflicted upon the motorcyclist. These wrecks can leave a rider with a permanent disability and the need for long-term care. The worst crashes, like the one mentioned above, end in death. Both types of accidents are usually preventable and leave victims and their families reeling with the struggle of physical, emotional, and financial recovery.

Fortunately, victims of motorcycle accidents and, in the case of death, their families can take legal action against a negligent driver. If it can be proven that the driver was negligent, the negligence caused the accident, and the accident caused the injuries or death, then recovery is likely.

The compensation obtained through these recoveries can then be used to help cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Then, victims who are seriously injured can obtain the care they need and deserve in order to reach a full recovery. For those families who lose a loved one in a motorcycle accident, a legal recovery can also help with funeral costs and allows the families to focus on remembering their loved one without undue financial hardship.

Source: The Greeneville Sun, "Man Dies When Motorcycle Collides With Cadillac," Ken Little, Jan. 16, 2013

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