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April 2013 Archives

Wrong-way driver causes accident, kills one in Madisonville

Negligent drivers can take many forms. They can be drunk or distracted, young or old, male or female. The only important fact is they are all equally dangerous. A negligent driver can turn a routine drive into a deadly car accident. When that happens, families are left with an emptiness that can never be filled. Negligent drivers are to blame, and they should pay for the harm they cause. A recent accident in Madisonville serves as an illustrative example.

Tennessee motorcyclist injured after car crosses center line

A head injury, a neck injury, broken bones, a permanent disability, and death are all real possible outcomes of a motorcycle wreck. If one is fortunate enough to survive a motorcycle accident, recovery can take years. In some instances, the injuries are permanent. Either way, life after a motorcycle accident can be challenging. Oftentimes, a victim's only hope of fully recovering and moving on with life is costly medical care and expensive rehabilitation services. A Powell man may be facing this frightening reality.

Negligent driver crosses center line, causing fatal accident

It is amazing to think how close oncoming vehicles pass one another. These cars can be separated by mere inches, delineated by lines on the road, while travelling at high speeds. The danger is high, and a single moment of inattentiveness can be deadly. For this reason, it is imperative Knoxville motorists drive with the utmost care. As can be seen in a recent accident, anything less than perfect attentiveness can cause a devastating car accident.

Three-vehicle hit and run turns into a fatal accident

Many people think the threat of an accident is reduced or eliminated by not driving a car and instead walking or riding a bike. While it is unclear whether the risk of injury or death is reduced, the fact remains that one is not wholly protected from a car accident by not driving a vehicle. All too often, pedestrians and bicycle riders are struck by inattentive drivers and serious injuries or death results. A recent fatal accident in Memphis serves as an example, one which Knoxville residents should be well aware.

Drunk driver allegedly runs another car off the road

It should go without saying that alcohol and driving do not mix. Yet, all too often a drunk driver climbs behind the wheel and causes an accident. A victim of a drunk driving accident can be left with serious injuries or can be killed. For this reason, it is important Knoxville residents become aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving and how such negligence can be deterred.

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