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Drunk driver allegedly runs another car off the road

It should go without saying that alcohol and driving do not mix. Yet, all too often a drunk driver climbs behind the wheel and causes an accident. A victim of a drunk driving accident can be left with serious injuries or can be killed. For this reason, it is important Knoxville residents become aware of the dangers posed by drunk driving and how such negligence can be deterred.

A recent accident in Knoxville helps highlight the dangers an intoxicated driver poses on other motorists. A police officer followed a vehicle as it swerved, went off the road, ran another vehicle off the road, and eventually struck a tree, police said. Though the driver refused to a blood alcohol test, police said they found an empty alcohol container in the vehicle and subsequently arrested the man for DUI.

A motorist like the one in the recent Knoxville can cause not only one drunk driving accident, but several. Nothing stops a drunk driver from smashing into one car, then continuing on only to cause another wreck. While the police can sometimes stop these dangerous individuals before an accident occurs, many times they cannot. And these stops often do little to help one who is victimized by such an accident.

It is for these reasons that civil lawsuits against drunk drivers are important. Not only do successful claims help those left with serious injuries obtain much needed compensation for their recovery costs, but lawsuits also help deter drunk driving. When individuals hear of others being financially punished for their drunk driving, they may think twice before drinking and driving themselves.

When one is injured by a drunk driver's negligence, a lawsuit must be considered. It very well may be the only way to punish the irresponsible driver, deter future drunk driving, and move life back to normal. An experienced attorney can help develop a legal strategy that achieves all these goals.

Source: Knoxville News Sentinel, "Accident results in DUI arrest," March 23, 2013

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