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Negligent driver crosses center line, causing fatal accident

It is amazing to think how close oncoming vehicles pass one another. These cars can be separated by mere inches, delineated by lines on the road, while travelling at high speeds. The danger is high, and a single moment of inattentiveness can be deadly. For this reason, it is imperative Knoxville motorists drive with the utmost care. As can be seen in a recent accident, anything less than perfect attentiveness can cause a devastating car accident.

Recently in West Knoxville, a truck and a BMW collided head-on after one of the vehicles crossed the center line. According to initial reports, a passenger in the car was killed. The drivers of the vehicles were injured, as was another passenger in the car. While it is unclear which vehicle crossed the center line, police continue to investigate.

A fatal accident like this leaves the deceased's family distraught. Not only do they have to face the loss of a loved one, but they must also cope with the lingering expenses associated with the accident. These costs can include medical expenses, funeral expenses and wages the deceased may have made to support the family. In this time of sadness, a lawsuit may be the only way to make the surviving family escape these undeserved financial strangleholds.

When one files a wrongful death lawsuit, several elements must be proven in order to obtain compensation. It must be established that the responsible motorist was a negligent driver, which often requires evidence of how the accident occurred. If the driver's negligence caused the deceased's death, then it is likely a surviving family member will recover awards.

In a grieving family's time of need, a successful wrongful death lawsuit may make life easier. Money may help cover incurred expenses and reimburse for any pain and suffering felt by the deceased before passing. No one should be victimized by the negligence of another but, when they are, it is important that the legal system is there for them.

Source: WATE News 6, "West Knoxville crash leaves one dead, three injured," April 10, 2013

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