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June 2013 Archives

Personal injury befalls four at Knoxville ball park accident

When one thinks of dangerous car accidents, one usually thinks of a highway collision, a head-on wreck on a two-way road, or some sort of hit-and-run. While these types of car crashes happen all the time, other types of motorized vehicles surround us in our everyday lives. Golf courses have golf carts, businesses have forklifts, and people drive ATVs all over the place. These vehicles can be just as dangerous as a speeding car on the highway if they are not driven properly. A recent wreck at a ballpark serves as an example.

Semi-truck overturns and slams into vehicles, killing two in TN

Anyone traveling on one of Knoxville's busy interstates knows they are packed with semi-trucks, and for good reason. These trucks are a vital part of the country and Tennessee's economy. Nonetheless, the massive size of these vehicles and their trailers pose a danger to other motorists. In the blink of an eye, a distracted truck driver can slam into smaller vehicles, destroying them and injuring or killing the passengers within. Unfortunately, one of these accidents happened recently in Murfreesboro.

Failure to yield to motorcycle kills one, injures another in TN

A recent accident has claimed another Tennessee motorcyclist. The wreck occurred on Highway 25 in Anderson County when a Lake City man and his wife, who were on a motorcycle, were struck by an SUV. According to police reports, the SUV turned in front of the motorcycle, causing the collision. The male motorcyclist died at the hospital while his wife was treated for non-life threatening injuries. Police continue to investigate the accident and do not believe drugs or alcohol was involved.

Drunk driver arrested in Tennessee after seriously injuring two

Most accidents are caused by some kind of negligence. Tuning the radio, eating, texting, and speeding can all cause a serious crash in a matter of seconds. But one type of driving poses an even greater risk to Tennessee motorists: drunk driving. These drivers are always negligent. A few drinks can cause a person to drive recklessly and take unsuspecting drivers by surprise. When a drunk driving accident occurs, catastrophic injuries or death can result.

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