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Drunk driver arrested in Tennessee after seriously injuring two

Most accidents are caused by some kind of negligence. Tuning the radio, eating, texting, and speeding can all cause a serious crash in a matter of seconds. But one type of driving poses an even greater risk to Tennessee motorists: drunk driving. These drivers are always negligent. A few drinks can cause a person to drive recklessly and take unsuspecting drivers by surprise. When a drunk driving accident occurs, catastrophic injuries or death can result.

After a drunk driver causes a serious accident, typically two outcomes are sought. First, the victims, their families, the community, and the police seek justice. An arrest and criminal charges may be filed, taking the drunk driver off the road. Second, the victim's seek to be made whole again. Many times, only a civil lawsuit can make this second goal attainable.

For example, recently in Montgomery County, two high school cheerleaders were seriously injured after a drunk driver crossed the center line and smashed head-on into their vehicle. The intoxicated driver has been arrested and faces DUI and other criminal charges. Yet, criminal sanctions will not help the victims overcome their serious injuries.

A lawsuit stemming from a car accident can be won if it can be proven the responsible driver was negligent and the victims' injuries were caused by that negligence. When a driver is intoxicated and causes an accident, a lawsuit against that driver will likely succeed.

Winning such a lawsuit achieves the second goal sought after a serious drunk driving accident. Money that is obtained through the victory can be used to pay medical expenses and compensate for pain and suffering. Though compensation may not make drunk driving victims completely whole again, it can go a long way to making their lives a little better.

Source: Clarksville Online, "Montgomery County Sheriff's Office arrests Driver in DUI Crash that injured Two Montgomery Central High School Cheerleaders," May 24, 2013

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