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Personal injury befalls four at Knoxville ball park accident

When one thinks of dangerous car accidents, one usually thinks of a highway collision, a head-on wreck on a two-way road, or some sort of hit-and-run. While these types of car crashes happen all the time, other types of motorized vehicles surround us in our everyday lives. Golf courses have golf carts, businesses have forklifts, and people drive ATVs all over the place. These vehicles can be just as dangerous as a speeding car on the highway if they are not driven properly. A recent wreck at a ballpark serves as an example.

An individual helping tournament organizers at the Fountain City Ball Park lost control of an electric utility vehicle and struck four people. The victims were taken to the hospital, apparently with non-life threatening injuries. Amongst the injured were two adults and two children. The driver claimed once he turned the vehicle on it accelerated automatically, striking the victims.

The victims of this accident may have serious injuries similar to those found in a car wreck. Broken bones, muscle trauma, and head and neck injuries are all real possibilities. Recovering from such injuries may take a long time, causing the adults to miss work, accrue expensive medical bills, and suffer with pain. The children, too, may face long, painful recoveries that strip them of their precious childhood.

When a negligent driver causes an accident, the victim can seek to hold that individual liable for her personal injury. If the victim can prove the driver's negligence caused the injurious accident, then compensation may be obtained for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

A negligent or distracted driver should be held accountable for the damage he has caused. If the party responsible for the accident was working at the time of the crash, victims may also seek to hold their employer liable. These lawsuits will help ensure individual drivers and their employers maintain the safety expected and required when others are around.

Source: Knoxville News-Sentinel, "Four sent to UT Medical Center after Fountain City Ballpark accident," Deborah Ince, Jun. 15, 2013

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