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Semi-truck overturns and slams into vehicles, killing two in TN

Anyone traveling on one of Knoxville's busy interstates knows they are packed with semi-trucks, and for good reason. These trucks are a vital part of the country and Tennessee's economy. Nonetheless, the massive size of these vehicles and their trailers pose a danger to other motorists. In the blink of an eye, a distracted truck driver can slam into smaller vehicles, destroying them and injuring or killing the passengers within. Unfortunately, one of these accidents happened recently in Murfreesboro.

Two individuals were killed on their way to the Bonnaroo music festival when a semi-truck overturned and slammed into several other vehicles. Police state that another car accident had slowed traffic, and the truck driver could not stop to avoid hitting the slowed vehicles. The truck overturned and struck eight other vehicles, two of which caught on fire, killing two in one of the vehicles. In addition, five more were injured in the accident.

A truck accident can leave families shattered and surviving victims with months, years, possibly even a lifetime of recovery. The families of the two young individuals killed in the Murfreesboro accident will have to try to move on with life without hearing their loved one's voice or celebrating holidays with them. The victims that survived may have to deal with life-long pain, and may forever have a fear of driving near trucks.

In addition to these physical and emotional pains, financial hardship may befall those who find themselves entangled in a truck crash. Medical expenses can pile up, lost wages can render bills impossible to pay and funeral expenses can leave surviving family members with undeserved costs. However, legal action can be taken against a truck company and its driver in an attempt to recover compensation.

To recover from a lawsuit, a victim or, in the case of death, a surviving family member must prove negligence and causation. A driver can be found negligent if he was inattentive, impaired by drugs or alcohol, tired or speeding. Likewise, a truck company may be found liable for its failure to hire safe drivers, train them properly or for failing to monitor their drivers' trucking logs.

Compensation obtained through this legal avenue may be the only way some victims and their families will be able to cope with the tragedy that has befallen them. Fortunately, this the lawsuit and compensation can help them move on with their lives.

Source: Knoxville News-Sentinel, "2 traveling to Bonnaroo killed in fiery crash," Jun. 13, 2013.

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