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Driver in truck accident that injured THP trooper likely impaired

Semi-trucks can be extremely dangerous if not operated with care. Unfortunately, one Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper had to find out first-hand just how dangerous these vehicles can be when a negligent driver is behind the wheel. The trooper was parked on the shoulder of an interstate when a truck slammed into his vehicle. The trooper suffered a fractured vertebra, a fractured rib, and arm injuries. The truck driver fled the scene, but was later found at a service station. Police believe the driver was under the influence of prescription pills at the time of the accident. He was arrested and now faces several charges.

Driving under the influence, whether of drugs or alcohol, places other motorists at severe risk of injury or death. When the impaired operator is behind the wheel of a semi-truck, the results are more likely to be tragic. What would a minor fender bender if the impaired driver's vehicle was a car may be a fatal accident that leaves the victim's car and his family destroyed if it is a semi-truck.

Those injured in a truck crash, like the trooper in this case, may have their life forever changed. They may have to deal with lifelong pain, may not be able to enjoy the activities they once did, and may be left with medical bills that make life a financial struggle. These unsuspecting victims deserve to have their lives back, and taking legal action may be the only way to obtain it.

A truck accident victim can choose to file a lawsuit against a truck driver and the truck company that employed the driver. If the victim can show negligence on the driver's behalf and injuries resulted, he may obtain compensation from the driver. If the accident occurred while the driver was within the scope of his employment, the victim may obtain awards from the truck company.

Winning a negligence case means a victim may receive compensation to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. Additionally, a lawsuit punishes dangerous truck drivers and the companies that hire them, urging companies to keep tabs on their drivers to ensure all motorists on the road are safe.

Source: Knoxville News-Sentinel, "Sheriff: Driver who hit trooper likely on pills," Hayes Hickman, Jun. 25, 2013

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