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Negligent driver fails to yield, slams into another vehicle

For those Tennesseans who have been behind the wheel for years, a routine drive can sometimes be monotonous and mindless. These drivers go when the light turns green without thinking and stop at a stop sign without really registering to look both ways before continuing through the intersection. Though this type of driving can happen often and may not always result in an accident, sometimes it can cause a serious car wreck that leaves people injured.

One of these wrecks happened recently in a small Tennessee town when a driver turned left at an intersection and slammed into another vehicle. The left-turning driver thought he had a green arrow at the time, but it turns out he neglected to yield the right of way. The driver of the second vehicle was injured and her vehicle sustained damage.

The seemingly slightest car wreck injury can cause serious pain and make certain tasks very difficult. Sprained muscles, broken bones, and whiplash can make it hard to get through a day's work and may even leave an individual unable to work. When this happens and the negligent driver does not have insurance, or his insurance is insufficient, a car accident victim can file a lawsuit to recover for personal injury.

These types of lawsuits, while fact specific, rely on showing negligence and causation. If a plaintiff can show the driver was distracted, impaired, or otherwise not obeying traffic laws, then negligence may be found. If that negligence caused the accident which resulted in the victim's harm, then a case can be won and compensation may be attainable.

If compensation is obtained, the victim can use the money to pay medical expenses, ease her pain and suffering, and cover any lost wages. These awards could mean a lot to a victim who is unable to afford to miss work or to pay for costly medical care. In these instances, a lawsuit may be the victim's only hope of regaining her normal life. An experienced accident attorney can help a victim fight for what is rightfully hers.

Source: The Paris Post-Intelligencer, "Paris TN: Driver treated after East Wood Street collision in Paris, TN," Glenn Tanner, Jul. 3, 2013

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