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Semi-truck crosses the center line, hits van head-on

Many Tennessee drivers feel a little apprehensive about driving around semi-trucks, and for good reason. The massive size of a tractor-trailer makes them extremely dangerous and destructive when a truck accident occurs. A vehicle that may have received minor damage in a car-on-car accident may be completely totaled in a semi-truck-on-car wreck. Also, and more importantly, those who are involved in a tractor-trailer crash may be more likely to receive serious injuries or die.

The dangers posed by semi-trucks can be seen by a recent accident in Joelton, Tennessee. There, a van was hit head-on when, apparently, a semi-truck crossed the center line, veering into oncoming traffic. Two occupants in the van were injured and rushed to the hospital. Their condition is uncertain at this time and the accident investigation continues.

Recovering from a truck accident can be extremely painful in many ways. Physically, a truck accident victim may suffer injuries that require painful rehabilitation or she may receive a permanent disability that makes every day activities impossible. Emotionally, a victim may have trouble sleeping at night because she relives the accident, or she may become depressed by her physical injuries. She may also have trouble feeling comfortable driving on the road again. All of these harms can be further compounded when financial realities set in. The victim must pay for hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and may be unable to work. This is where an experienced Knoxville attorney can help.

An individual who is injured in a truck accident can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent truck driver, the truck owner, and the truck company, provided the accident occurred while the driver was within his scope of employment. To win a case, the victim must prove the driver was negligent, which may be satisfied by showing distraction, speeding, drunkenness, or other violations of the law. Once it is established that the negligence caused the victim's injuries then compensation may be obtained.

Personal injury awards can be used to cover many expenses. These include medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. A distracted truck driver should not strip an individual's normal life away and get away unpunished. An experienced attorney will help ensure that such a driver is punished for his actions and the victim is properly compensated for his injuries.

Source: News Channel 5, "Two Hurt In Head-On Collision in Joelton," Jul. 17, 2013

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