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August 2013 Archives

"Booze It or Lose It" campaign seeks to stop intoxicated drivers

It is no secret that drinking and driving is dangerous. Yet, even with the information and statistics about drunk driving constantly being thrust into the public limelight, many still choose to drink and get behind the wheel. With the Labor Day weekend fast approaching, the state of Tennessee is ramping up measures to stop these dangerous drivers and protect other motorists.

THP seeks to reduce traffic fatalities throughout the state

Though it may be impossible to completely prevent fatal car accidents, there are things the police can do to help limit the number of these tragic accidents. In Tennessee, the Highway Patrol has been asked to step up its game in leading the prevention of fatal accidents.

Tennesee motorcyclists' death shows need for awareness

A lack of awareness of motorcycles is a problem plaguing Tennessee's roadways. An inattentive, distracted driver can fail to yield to a motorcyclist and cause a motorcycle crash that leaves the rider with a head injury, broken bones, or a permanent disability that requires long-term care. In the worst cases, and all too often the result of these wrecks, the rider is killed. One of these accidents occurred recently, and Knoxville riders should take note.

Dyer County driver crosses center line, causes fatal accident

A fatal accident has left two dead in a Dyer County crash. Police reports state one driver crossed the center line on State Highway 78 and collided head-on into an oncoming vehicle. Both drivers were killed on impact. Now, family members of the victims must grieve, remember their loss, and focus on moving on with life without their loved one.

Simulator raises awareness of phone usage dangers while driving

Some startling news has recently been released concerning accidents in Tennessee. According to new statistics, Tennessee has the highest percentage of deaths directly related to cell phone usage while driving. With texting and driving and other cell phone usage behind the wheel increasingly becoming a deadly problem, some are trying to raise awareness of the issue.

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