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"Booze It or Lose It" campaign seeks to stop intoxicated drivers

It is no secret that drinking and driving is dangerous. Yet, even with the information and statistics about drunk driving constantly being thrust into the public limelight, many still choose to drink and get behind the wheel. With the Labor Day weekend fast approaching, the state of Tennessee is ramping up measures to stop these dangerous drivers and protect other motorists.

Tennessee's "Booze It and Lose It" campaign was recently implemented to raise awareness not only of the dangers of drunk driving, but also of the consequences for those who are caught driving while intoxicated. To attain these goals, the Director of the Governor's Highway Safety Office was in Bedford County discussing the seven alcohol-related accident deaths that have occurred in the last year. Also, the District Attorney there discussed the probability of license suspension, revocation, and jail time for those who are caught drunk behind the wheel. In addition, to prevent drunk driving accident over the holiday weekend, the THP is setting up sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols.

A drunk driving accident can leave an individual seriously injured. In the worst cases, innocent people are killed. While sobriety checkpoints and increased awareness may help prevent some from driving drunk, history tells us that they will not completely stop this dangerous activity. Therefore, when a dreaded alcohol-related car accident occurs, the victim must look somewhere else for help recovering from his injuries. An experienced accident attorney can be that person.

Recovering from accident injuries can be painful, debilitating, stressful, saddening, and financially overwhelming. Luckily, an attorney can help a victim file a lawsuit against the drunk driver who caused the accident in an attempt to recover compensation. If it can be proven the driver was intoxicated, usually by admitting blood-alcohol content readings and field sobriety test results into evidence, then it is likely the victim will recover compensation if the victim's injuries stemmed from the accident.

Drunk drivers know they are putting others in danger when they climb behind the wheel. When their poor judgment causes harm to others, they should be held responsible not only by the authorities but also by the civil law. An experienced attorney may be able to ensure this second type of justice is found.

Source: Shelbyville Times-Gazette, "Law to crack down on DUI offenders," David Melson, Aug. 18, 2013

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