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Simulator raises awareness of phone usage dangers while driving

Some startling news has recently been released concerning accidents in Tennessee. According to new statistics, Tennessee has the highest percentage of deaths directly related to cell phone usage while driving. With texting and driving and other cell phone usage behind the wheel increasingly becoming a deadly problem, some are trying to raise awareness of the issue.

The Reality Ride, a simulator provided by Allstate Insurance, was recently in Knoxville to give drivers the opportunity to see the dangers cell phones pose when used while driving. The simulator, which is essentially a real car except that it does not move, allows individuals to drive around and then, when prompted, to attempt to drive while using a cell phone. Once the simulation is complete, individuals may obtain a printout of their drive which shows how many traffic laws they broke. The test allows individuals to experience the difficulty cell phones pose to safe driving, but in an environment where no one gets hurt.

Though Allstate's simulator is a fun way to discover the dangers posed by cell phones, the sad reality is that many individuals still find themselves victimized by a car crash. These individuals may receive a serious personal injury that requires long-term care or, in the worst cases, they may be killed. For this reason, those injured by a distracted driver should seek the compensation they need and deserve while also seeking to punish such negligent behavior.

The best way to accomplish these goals is to file a lawsuit against the distracted driver. If negligence on that driver's behalf can be proven, and the victim's injuries resulted from that negligence, then compensation may be obtained. These recoveries serve the dual purpose of compensating the injured individual for her medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages while also punishing the errant driver and raising awareness of this important issue.

Lawsuits involving an auto accident can be very complex. An experienced Knoxville attorney can help ensure the proper information is gathered to determine the likelihood of a successful claim. Then, an attorney can walk the injured individual through the legal process and ensure that her best interests are fought for in an aggressive manner.

Source: WATE ABC 6, "Knoxville drivers get a virtual lesson in distracted driving," Drew Gardner, July 26, 2013

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