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September 2013 Archives

Head-on collision leaves all involved in serious condition

A negligent driver can cause serious harm, even death, in a matter of moments. Whether by speeding, disobeying traffic laws, or sheer inattentiveness, a driver can cross a center line and cause a head-on collision, rear-end another vehicle, or run a red light or stop sign and hit a car or a pedestrian. A negligent or distracted driver who causes a car wreck should be held accountable, and a civil lawsuit may be the best way to do so.

Driver turns in front of motorcycle, killing Tennessee rider

For many Tennessee residents riding a motorcycle is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. For others it may be their only form of transportation. Either way, these motorcyclists are less protected than those riding in enclosed vehicles. A motorcyclist does not have a seat belt, air bags, or surrounding metal to protect him in the event of an accident. For this reason, it is extremely important other drivers exercise motorcycle awareness. A failure to do so may be a deadly mistake.

THP looking for semi-truck responsible for deadly hit-and-run

A semi-truck that hits a smaller car can send that vehicle out of control, causing serious damage and severe injuries. Sadly, one of these accidents occurred recently on a Tennessee Interstate. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, after midnight a car was rear-ended by a vehicle travelling behind it, causing the car to spin off the road, strike a culvert, and roll. The driver of the car was taken to the hospital with injuries while the passenger in the vehicle was killed. The driver of the at-fault vehicle, which police suspect was a semi-truck, did not stop. The THP continues its investigation and is looking for the hit-and-run vehicle.

Drunk driver kills one, injures others in Knox County crash

Even with the launch of Tennessee's "Booze It or Lose It" campaign which was discussed on the blog last week, a terrible fatal accident has occurred in Knox County that police think was alcohol-related. Police report an individual who appeared to have been intoxicated was traveling down John Sevier Highway when he crossed the center line and smacked head-on into an SUV. The SUV then slammed into a van. The driver of the SUV was killed and his two kids were injured. Three people in the van were also injured as was the errant driver. That driver has been tested for alcohol and drugs.

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