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THP looking for semi-truck responsible for deadly hit-and-run

A semi-truck that hits a smaller car can send that vehicle out of control, causing serious damage and severe injuries. Sadly, one of these accidents occurred recently on a Tennessee Interstate. According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, after midnight a car was rear-ended by a vehicle travelling behind it, causing the car to spin off the road, strike a culvert, and roll. The driver of the car was taken to the hospital with injuries while the passenger in the vehicle was killed. The driver of the at-fault vehicle, which police suspect was a semi-truck, did not stop. The THP continues its investigation and is looking for the hit-and-run vehicle.

Since semi-trucks play such a vital role in our economy they dominate the roadways at all times of the day and night. Long drives, fatigue, inattentiveness, and refusal to obey traffic laws can lead to a serious tractor-trailer crash like the one mentioned above. While there is nothing motorists can do to take these dangerous trucks off the road, those who are injured or lose a loved one to a truck accident can file a lawsuit in an attempt to recover damages and send a strong message to truck owners and truck companies that safety must be made a priority.

In one of these lawsuits, an attorney can help a victim or a surviving family member sue the truck driver, the truck owner, and the truck company. The attorney will meticulously analyze accident reports, witness accounts, and victim injuries to develop a strategy that aggressively seeks to both compensate the victim for her injuries and punish the errant driver and the company he works for.

Success in a truck accident case revolves around the plaintiff's ability to prove negligence, in the form of inattentiveness, speeding, or intoxication for example, and to show her injuries stemmed from that negligence. Thus, if the victim's injuries would not have occurred 'but for' the defendant's negligence then compensation may be obtained for those harms.

These awards can help the victim or surviving family member get through tough times and aid in paying off medical expenses, cover lost wages, compensate for pain and suffering, and leave the victim or her family with a sense of justice. Then maybe truck companies and their drivers will take better care on the road to ensure the safety of those around them.

Source: The Jackson Sun, "Tennessee Highway Patrol Searching for suspect truck in fatal hit and run," Sep. 5, 2013

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