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October 2013 Archives

Tennessee motorcyclist killed when truck fails to yield

As fun as riding a motorcycle can be, it can also be extremely dangerous when other motorists are inattentive. Unfortunately, a tragic motorcycle crash has left a Tennessee woman dead after another driver failed to be aware of her. According to reports, the woman was riding her motorcycle when a truck pulled out onto the road in front of her, causing the motorcycle to slam into the side of the truck. The motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Drunk driver injures pedestrian in Knoxville hit-and-run accident

No matter what type of vehicle one drives, a drunk driver can put them in danger of serious injuries or death. Yet, while a drunk driving accident between two or more vehicles can be disastrous, there may be another type of drunk driving accident that can increase the risk of physical harm: one involving a pedestrian.

Driver with revoked license causes wreck that kills one

All accidents are tragic, but those that are fatal and preventable are especially sad. An inattentive, drunk, or otherwise negligent driver can make a costly mistake, like failing to yield, that causes a collision with another unsuspecting motorist. When death results, the effects can be magnified, drastically affecting the victim's loved ones.

Knoxville pedestrian struck by car while crossing the street

Knoxville is a pedestrian friendly city. Many choose to walk to work, school, or the grocery store while many others do so out of necessity. With so many people walking along the roads and crossing in intersections it is important drivers remain aware of them. When one takes his eyes off the road for a split second or drives while intoxicated he can cause a serious pedestrian car wreck.

Group seeks to raise motorcycle awareness in Tennessee

Riding a motorcycle can be a convenient way to get to work or school and to relax after a hard day or week at work. But there is a problem in Tennessee: motorcycle unawareness. Being unaware of motorcycles renders a motorist dangerous, prone to causing a serious motorcycle crash. A group of bike riders, dedicated to raising awareness in Tennessee, is trying to change this.

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