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November 2013 Archives

Tennessee man killed when rear-ended by semi-truck

Semi-trucks play a vital role in our economy by quickly moving goods across the region or the country. Yet, these massive vehicles, when improperly driven, can pose a serious threat to other motorists, including those in Tennessee. A speeding truck, one that fails to stop or yield, or one that swerves into oncoming traffic can cause a deadly tractor-trailer crash.

Negligent driver runs red light and kills two in Seymour

Tennessee's roads can be extremely hazardous. No matter how safely one drives, a negligent driver can slam into him or her and cause a devastating, even deadly car accident. A fatal accident can leave a family reeling, searching for meaning while at the same time having to deal with the realities of losing their loved one. This can be tremendously challenging, and it may drive the family to lose hope. Fortunately, legal assistance can help try to take care of some of the financial issues related to the loss of a loved one and may help bring closure to a terrible incident.

Tennessee's texting and driving fines may not be enough to deter

Sadly, there are many dangerous drivers on Tennessee's roads. Inattentiveness, recklessness and drunkenness all pose serious dangers to motorists. Texting and driving may be just as dangerous, yet it may not be viewed as seriously as, say, drunk driving. However, drivers who text and drive take their eyes and attention off the road, essentially rendering them momentarily blind. This can cause a devastating car wreck in the blink of an eye.

Traffic fatalities rising on Tennessee roadways

Traffic fatalities are on the rise in Tennessee, and motorists should take note. With two months left until 2013 draws to a close, this year's traffic fatalities have already nearly matched the 813 killed last year in traffic accidents. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage basic safety precautions, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has resorted to posting the number of traffic fatalities on roadways so other drivers can see. TDOT hopes this information will push people to be more attentive when behind the wheel and to get off the phone while driving.

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