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Traffic fatalities rising on Tennessee roadways

Traffic fatalities are on the rise in Tennessee, and motorists should take note. With two months left until 2013 draws to a close, this year's traffic fatalities have already nearly matched the 813 killed last year in traffic accidents. In an effort to raise awareness and encourage basic safety precautions, the Tennessee Department of Transportation has resorted to posting the number of traffic fatalities on roadways so other drivers can see. TDOT hopes this information will push people to be more attentive when behind the wheel and to get off the phone while driving.

Though posting fatality statistics helps raise awareness of how deadly Tennessee roads can be for motorists, there is nothing in the report to suggest that such action is effective. Some may think better driver education and harsher DUI laws would help drive traffic fatalities down, and they may be right. But all of these actions neglect an important group: the victims of traffic accidents.

No matter how hard Tennessee tries to prevent fatal accidents, they will, unfortunately, continue to occur for the foreseeable future. Thus, attention should be given to those who are forced to deal with the loss of a loved one because of a preventable Car accident.

A Knoxville accident attorney can assist these families and attempt to help them obtain compensation for their damages when they are overwhelmed with emotional and financial pain. A lawsuit centered on a fatal accident will succeed when it can be proven the negligence of another caused the wrongful death of the deceased. By analyzing accident reports, witness accounts, and other physical evidence, an accident attorney can build as strong a case as possible to support the surviving family's best interests.

Recovering from a lawsuit like this can help the family get back on their feet financially and assist them in putting the accident behind them. With a successful resolution to the claim, the family may obtain awards for medical expenses associated with the accident, funeral expenses, pain and suffering felt by the deceased before passing, and lost wages.

When a negligent driver takes the life of another, he or she should be held accountable. An accident attorney can vigorously fight to uphold justice and get the family the compensation they need and deserve in remembrance of their loved one.

Source: WRCB TV, "Tennessee roadway fatalities on the rise," Jessica Lauren, Oct. 21, 2013

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