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December 2013 Archives

Bicycle rider injured in Knoxville accident

Knoxville, like any other city, should be a safe place for people to ride their bikes. And many in Knoxville do ride their bikes. Some ride for joy while others use it as their sole mode of transportations. Though biking should be just as safe as driving a car, it often is not, as a distracted or negligent driver can cause a serious car wreck in a matter of moments. A seemingly minor bump that may cause minimal damage to another vehicle can decimate a bike, severely injuring or even killing its rider.

Tennessee soldier killed by drunk driver in hit-and-run accident

The loss of a loved one can be heart-wrenching, no matter how it occurs. Yet, when one's life is stripped away early by the negligence of another, the pain can be immense. The deceased's surviving family might have difficulty moving past the accident, constantly reliving their last moments with their lost loved one and imagining the pain and suffering he or she might have gone through before passing. One Tennessee family may be dealing with this excruciating pain now.

Knoxville man charged with DUI after deadly accident

Unfortunately, some Tennessee drivers think they can have a few drinks, climb behind the wheel and safely drive to their destination. However, all too often this behavior leads to a catastrophic drunk driving accident. Innocent individuals can suffer serious injuries or die as a result of such reckless driving. One of these sad instances occurred recently, and Knoxville residents should note what can be done if they find themselves a victim of a car accident.

Jury doesn't indict trucker for crash, civil options may remain

Oftentimes when someone is killed in an accident because of another driver's negligence, the family wants justice in the form of a criminal conviction. This was the case in Tennessee recently when the family of two people killed in a truck accident sought to have criminal charges pressed against the truck driver.

Hit-and-run driver strikes, injures two in Knoxville

Knoxville, like any city, should be safe for pedestrians. Yet, the safety of those on foot lies in the hands of Knoxville's motorists. When these drivers obey traffic laws and are attentive behind the wheel, then walking is relatively safe. But if a motorist is reckless, distracted or drunk behind the wheel, then a serious, perhaps even deadly, accident may occur.

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