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Knoxville man charged with DUI after deadly accident

Unfortunately, some Tennessee drivers think they can have a few drinks, climb behind the wheel and safely drive to their destination. However, all too often this behavior leads to a catastrophic drunk driving accident. Innocent individuals can suffer serious injuries or die as a result of such reckless driving. One of these sad instances occurred recently, and Knoxville residents should note what can be done if they find themselves a victim of a car accident.

Recently in Clinton, a Knoxville man lost control of his truck, crossed the center line, and hit two oncoming vehicles head-on. A passenger in one of the vehicles involved was killed as a result of the accident. It is also possible others were injured, though no further details were available. The driver of the truck was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide and DUI.

Injuries suffered in an accident like this can be life-changing or life-ending. Those who survive may end up with a disability which makes it impossible to live a normal life, thus enticing emotional pain. Medical bills, too, can pile up, making the victim's financial health fall into serious decline. Families who lose a loved one to these accidents may suffer knowing they will never speak to their loved one again. They might also face harsh financial consequences when the lost loved one's wage disappears and medical and funeral costs are billed.

To try to recover these losses, an individual injured by a drunk driver, or the family of one who is killed by such a driver, can file a lawsuit against that driver. A Knoxville attorney may be invaluable in the quest to prove negligence and causation, which may require showing the defendant was intoxicated at the time of the accident. An attorney may assess accident reports and eye-witness accounts to aid in the fight for compensation.

If a victim or his surviving family obtains damages, they may be able to pay off undeserved debt and focus on rebuilding their lives. It may be a hard road, but it might help victims to know these lawsuits send a strong message that drunk driving will not be tolerated by Tennessee's motorists.

Source: Oak Ridge Today, "Knoxville man facing charges in fatal Clinton crash on Friday," Dec. 6, 2013

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