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January 2014 Archives

Truck accident leaves Tennessee pedestrian dead

Semi-trucks play an important part in our economy. They haul groceries, electronics and construction goods across the country. Despite their importance, these massive vehicles pose dangers to others when not driven safely. With little to protect them from the size of these vehicles, those who are hit by a truck can be seriously injured or killed.

Negligent driver kills one in Knoxville head-on collision

Some accidents occur so quickly that it is impossible for safe drivers to take measures to avoid the errant drivers who cause them. In instances like this, a motorist can be taken completely off guard and, as a result, may suffer severe injuries or death. The chances of a fatal accident occurring may rise when the wreck is one that involves high speed and a head-on collision.

New class seeks to prevent teen distracted driving in Tennessee

There are many things to distract Tennessee drivers from the road. Eating, texting, reading, talking and tuning a radio can all cause significant distraction. While many of these activities have become commonplace while driving, they should not be. In fact, the seemingly simple act of eating while driving or texting and driving can cause a serious, even fatal car wreck.

Number of fatal accidents in TN decreased in 2013

There is good news for Tennessee's motorists. Data released by the Department of Safety and Homeland Security shows traffic fatalities decreased 2.7 percent in 2013, down to 988 fatalities compared to the 1,015 that occurred in 2012. This is only the fourth time in 50 years that traffic fatalities dipped below 1,000 in a given year. The Tennessee Highway Patrol attributes some of the decrease to its targeting of drunk drivers, yet, the fact remains that there are still too many deaths on Tennessee's roadways.

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