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February 2014 Archives

Driver injured in west Knox County tractor-trailer crash

The massive size of 18-wheelers makes them dangerous. A slight slipup that may be easily correctable in a car may be disastrous in a big rig. And because of their immense weight, an accident involving a semi-truck and be devastating, not only destroying a victim's vehicle, but also causing serious physical harm to the victim him or herself.

TN city sees rash of pedestrian accidents, one by drunk driver

Tennessee and Knoxville in particular, is supposed to be pedestrian friendly. Unfortunately, though, pedestrians are often hit by motorists, leaving them wounded. All too often these victims die from their injuries. Though some try to blame pedestrians for being unaware of fast moving traffic, motorists are often the ones who are inattentive and unaware of pedestrians.

Second leading cause of traumatic brain injury: car crashes

Brain injuries have been in the spotlight over the last year or so, mainly focused on sports-related injuries. Yet, second only to falls, car accidents cause a large portion of brain injuries, many of which are traumatic. These injuries can leave victims incapacitated, often forcing them to relearn how to walk, talk and perform other seemingly minor tasks.

Driver injured in west Knox County tractor-trailer crash

Driving a semi-truck can be difficult and dangerous. Because of the hazards posed by these massive vehicles, their drivers must go through driving school and obtain a special license. Though one would think this additional training would make these drivers safe, that is not always the case. Truckers can drive while fatigued, speed, fail to stop when necessary and neglect to check their blind spots. Such negligence can cause serious injuries to Tennessee's motorists.

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