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Second leading cause of traumatic brain injury: car crashes

Brain injuries have been in the spotlight over the last year or so, mainly focused on sports-related injuries. Yet, second only to falls, car accidents cause a large portion of brain injuries, many of which are traumatic. These injuries can leave victims incapacitated, often forcing them to relearn how to walk, talk and perform other seemingly minor tasks.

One of these victims was a Middle Tennessee State University honors student, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after a car wreck. Her brain injury was so severe doctors compared it the devastating Shaken Baby Syndrome. After spending a month in a coma, the victim had to learn how to move her legs, trunk and head without assistance. Though she is making progress, this brain injury victim may never reach a full recovery.

Since brain injuries require extensive medical care, a car accident can lead to severe, long-term physical and emotional pain as well as financial difficulty. While the victim must try to regain his or her life through a lengthy physical therapy process, he or she must also find a way to pay for such expensive care. This may be a difficult task.

Fortunately, though, car accident victims who are harmed by another driver can file a personal injury lawsuit against that other driver. By seeking out a Knoxville attorney, these victims place themselves in a position to recover the compensation they need to pay for medical care and to make life a little more comfortable. To obtain these awards, though, a victim must show a negligent or distracted driver caused the accident which ultimately caused the victim's injuries. An attorney can help establish these elements as strongly as possible by presenting evidence, witness testimony and applicable law.

Recovering from a personal injury lawsuit is very important. A victim may not only recover awards for damages such as pain and suffering, medical expenses and lost wages, but he or she may also punish a negligent driver in a public forum, thereby putting all motorists on notice that dangerous driving has severe consequences.

Source: WATE ABC 6, "Car crashes are second leading cause of traumatic brain injury," Lori Tucker, Feb. 4, 2014

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