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Family wants justice for loss of loved one in motorcycle crash

As winter winds down and warmer weather starts to appear more frequently, many Tennesseans will take to the roads on their motorcycles. Unfortunately, though, many of Tennessee's motorists may be plagued with motorcycle unawareness. Such inattentiveness can cause a serious accident that results in a head injury, broken bones or even death. When such a motorcycle crash occurs, the injured victim or his or her family should consider taking legal action in the form of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

After fearing the person responsible for their son's death may get off easy on the criminal charges she faces, one Tennessee may want to think about filing such a lawsuit. The deceased was riding his motorcycle to work when a car ran a stop sign and slammed into his bike, killing him. The 19-year-old driver was charged with vehicular homicide, but her youth and spotless record could keep her from behind bars. The deceased's family does not feel this is fair, and rightfully so.

Yet, filing a lawsuit against a negligent driver can be just as damaging to the errant driver and just as beneficial for the victim or his or her family. So long as negligence can be shown to have caused the victim's injuries or death, then compensation may be recoverable. These awards may help cover losses such as medical expenses and lost wages, but it also holds the irresponsible driver accountable for his or her wrongdoing.

Motorcycle crash cases can be complex. To determine liability, a jury often must consider accident reports, witness accounts and expert testimony. Therefore, an accident victim should consider obtaining legal assistance from a Knoxville attorney who can help develop a strong legal argument to support his or her case. With a legal advocate vigorously fighting for his or her rights, an accident victim, or his or her family, can rest assured he or she has the best possible chance of success.

Source: WSMV TV, "Parents of crash victim worry laws not strong enough for driver," Jennifer Herron, Mar. 13, 2014

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