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Simulators seek to reduce distracted driving amongst teens

There are countless things that can distract an individual behind the wheel. Cell phones, food, obstacles in the street, signs and passengers can all take a motorist's attention off the road and his or her surroundings. As a result, distracted motorists often cause serious injurious or even a fatal car wreck. Though all age groups are guilty of driving while distracted, some are taking steps to keep young drivers attentive.

In one Tennessee County, for example, the Sheriff's Office teamed up with local schools and the School Resource Officers Division to buy two driving simulators aimed at raising awareness of the dangers posed by distracted driving. While driving the simulator, operators are asked to make a phone call and send a text message using a cell phone while other obstacles, like dogs and pedestrians, enter the driver's path. Many believe if the simulators can stop just a few from driving distracted, then they have done their job.

Sadly, despite these efforts, many of Tennessee's motorists drive negligently or distractedly. When one is injured in an accident caused by one of these drivers, he or she often faces a long, difficult road to recovery. A victim may have extreme pain, immobility, emotional stress and financial loss. Though these damages can feel overwhelming, victims should find solace knowing they find a legal advocate to represent them throughout the legal process.

A Knoxville personal injury attorney can assist accident victims in their attempt to recover compensation from a negligent driver. An attorney will gather evidence and testimony as well as analyze applicable law in an attempt to impose liability on the negligent or distracted driver. If successful, then the victim may be awarded compensation for his or her injuries. These awards may help comfort pain and suffering, recoup lost wages, and pay medical expenses. Then the victim might be able to find stable financial ground and move on with his or her life.

Source: The Daily News Journal, "Crashes by young drivers rank fourth in Tennessee," Michelle Willard, March 20, 2014

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