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Tennessee man killed when SUV turns in front of motorcycle

As the weather continues to warm throughout Tennessee, more and more people will be willing to expose themselves to the elements. This means there will be more bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists on or near the roadways. Other motorists therefore must use extreme caution when driving, ensuring they are aware of these individuals and their lack of protection. Too often, though, Tennessee's drivers fail to notice those who are not in a car or a truck, and cause and accident that results in a tragic end.

This happened recently when a Tennessee man was killed in a motorcycle crash. Police say a SUV was making a left turn when it pulled out in front of the oncoming motorcyclist, causing the fatal collision. Perhaps the saddest part of this wreck is that it may have been prevented if the SUV's driver had been aware that motorcyclists would be on the road, double checked to see if any were approaching, and accurately gauged the motorcyclists speed.

Now the victim's surviving family, if he has any, may be left utterly devastated. In addition to suffering the emotional damage that comes with losing a loved one, the victim's surviving family may also be left without much needed income, which can exacerbate a family's pain. It might become difficult for the family to pay for incurred medical expenses, funeral costs and other, everyday expenses.

In many cases like this the best way to ease some of this pain is to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If a case is won against a negligent driver, then compensation may be awarded to the accident victim's family, easing their financial burden and allowing them to grieve appropriately. Also, filing such a lawsuit shines a light on motorcycle unawareness and the dangers it poses to Tennessee's riders.

Source: The Jackson Sun, "Milan man killed in weekend accident between motorcycle, SUV," April 21, 2014

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