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June 2014 Archives

Tracy Morgan's crash puts truck accidents in national spotlight

Knoxville residents have likely heard about the horrific truck accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan and two others seriously injured and another comedian dead. The incident occurred when traffic slowed, including Morgan's limo bus, but a truck driver failed to stop in time. The tractor-trailer, which had swerved to avoid the traffic, slammed into the limo. Reports indicate the truck driver had not slept in more than 24 hours leading up to the crash. He now faces multiple criminal charges related to the accident.

Six-year-old Tennessee boy injured in pedestrian accident

All motorists have a duty to be aware of and to drive safely around pedestrians. These individuals lack the safety protections afforded to motor vehicle drivers, so any impact with a moving vehicle could easily leave a pedestrian with serious injuries. For this reason, it is important that negligent drivers who hit pedestrians are held accountable for their actions not only to make victims whole again, but also to deter such negligent driving from occurring again.

Rear-end car accident kills two on Tennessee's I-40

Driving on Tennessee's Interstates can be dangerous. Increased traffic and higher speed limits on these roadways can cause multiple-vehicle accidents that result in catastrophic injuries and death. These tragic accidents are even more likely to occur when motorists act negligently or distractedly behind the wheel. This includes being intoxicated, inattentive or disobeying traffic laws.

Interstate wrong-way car accident kills one

One person is dead after an accident on I-75. Reports indicate a wrong-way driver entered the interstate and caused a wreck that involved may have involved as many as four other vehicles. The victim's identity is unclear at this time, but in these types of crashes it is not uncommon for an unsuspecting motorist to be killed and for the errant driver to survive.

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